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5 Most Luxurious Private Islands in the World | AIB

Is there anything more luxurious than owning a private island? If today many times it seems unthinkable to buy a home, imagine what it would be like to have an entire island of kilometers and square kilometers all to yourself. A dream that is only available to a few, but that we cannot stop repeating in our head. And it is only with imagining enjoying the paradisiacal beaches, the mansions, the activities … It seems straight from the movie!

In recent years, the owners of some of these wonders have decided to rent them to groups so that they can enjoy their luxury during a vacation. But, as you will imagine, the prices are at least stratospheric. However, dreaming is still totally free and, for that reason, we have reviewed all those private islands that are considered the most luxurious on our planet. We know that you are also looking forward to meeting them, so … Let the journey begin!

Motukawaiti, New Zealand

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New Zealand is one of the great paradises of our planet. There, nature acquires another dimension and, in fact, it has become the place dreamed by a large part of the world’s travelers, that place that we all want to visit. And there are also luxurious private islands. A clear case of this is found in Motukawaiti, a beautiful island that, in addition to being the living image of wild nature, has a huge mansion and other luxurious facilities that include an incredible winery. The best? It is on sale.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands


This is, without doubt, one of the most spectacular islands that you can find. It is owned by billionaire Richard Branson, who rents the whole of it or some of its accommodations for travelers who seek to enjoy absolute luxury. Besides having beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters and a huge offer of activities, it has different mansions or houses where you will see for yourself what is the maximum luxury, as well as an area dedicated to leisure with restaurants, cinema, and pubs.

Musha Cay, Bahamas

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It is one of the many islands that has the famous magician David Copperfield and is considered one of the most luxurious on the planet. It is located in the Bahamas, so you can visualize the beautiful beaches that you will find there. The island has a total of 5 houses with private beaches and offers different entertainment options, as well as activities in the area. Also, if you are a lover of magic, you will find several winks there that will make you feel at home.

Belle Island, United States

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Far from the paradisiacal islands that we have shown you before we find this wonder. In the state of New York is known as Belle Island, a tiny island where you can fix your own paradise. It has a luxurious 5-bedroom mansion, a private port and another series of facilities that, added to the incredible location of it, have made it one of the most desired islands on the planet. It’s for sale, but the price … It’s also from another world!

Wilson Island, Australia

Private Islands

The case of Wilson Island, in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, is exceptional. Although we are talking about a private island, it is conceived as a resort, so we can all visit it. Yes, for a significant amount of money. As you can imagine, especially if we consider its location, this island is a paradise for lovers of seabed and diving, as well as for those who seek to know a little more about flora and fauna of our planet. Luxury and nature perfectly combined.

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