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What is the Future that awaits Industrial Robotics? | AIB

Currently, we are immersed in a technological revolution, to such an extent that some experts have come to refer to this period of constant expansion of technology as a fourth industrial revolution. In fact, there are those who compare the change that robotics will generate in companies and industries with the one that at the time taken by human force.

The truth is that, whether you like it or not, robots advance steadily and threaten to change everything in their path. In fact, the World Economic Forum itself has issued warnings regarding the impact that these technologies could have in the field of employment.

What can be expected for the next years? What will happen finally? So far, the positions on the subject are varied. Some focus on the positive aspect linked to this innovation, and others on the negative of the loss of jobs.

What is an industrial robot?

Industrial Robots

Industrial robots are those that are used, precisely, in industrial processes programmed to perform certain tasks, such as taking care of the assembly of a car, a mobile phone or any other device that you want to produce.

There are different types of robots, which perform various tasks. Not all industries use the same, so to speak of a single kind of function or task they can make would provide an imprecise definition. Also, it is necessary to emphasize that in recent years the detection of an industrial need and the consequent creation of a robot to comply with it has become frequently increasing.

What can we anticipate in the near future?

Industrial Robots

Estimates indicate that this revolution will be carried 5 million jobs, especially in the industrial area. In the first instance, the most affected jobs will be precisely those linked to manual and repetitive jobs. While it is expected that robotics also implies an increase in the demand for professional profiles in the area, it is the loss of jobs that cause the greatest impact on companies and workers.

Therefore, it is essential that industries consider their future possibilities, and think whether it suits them to adapt to this new reality and incorporate both workers and technologies, or if they will maintain their current model and face the consequences.

Industrial Robots
Young people who are trained in the area of ​​robotics will have more possibilities of employment

Emerging markets like Asia will not feel this impact with such force, and possibly the industries of these countries do not face this need to adapt. However, other nations must establish clear policies and measures to guarantee employment and ensure that this revolution does not affect their prosperity.

Regarding the use of this type of technology, should be noted that in the coming years it can be assumed that they will be able to perform tasks that pose a physical risk to humans.

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