Thursday, October 17, 2019

Twitter Suspends Some of Its Most Popular and Annoying Accounts | AIB

The efforts of Twitter to improve the user experience have been remarkable these days, their fight against the negative impact that spam and false accounts created has shown door within the social network.

Since a little over a year ago on Twitter, close groups called “Decks” began to be created, whose members have several tens of thousands of followers. These groups sell retweets and help tweets become viral, earning a lot of money. A few weeks ago Twitter announced several measures to counteract this type of spam practice called Tweetdecking. Now the social network has just suspended many popular accounts that participated in it.

Last week, Twitter began with the elimination of some profiles. According to BuzzFeed News, some of these were @Dory, @GirlPosts, @SoDamnTrue, @holyfag, @memeprovider and others. Many of these accounts gained popularity within the social network with thousands and even millions of users, now appear as ‘Account suspended’ at the time of being searched.


“Tweetdecking is over. Our fan profits are going to decrease, “Andrew Guerrero, a 23-year-old tweetdecker in New Mexico, told BuzzFeed News after Twitter announced the changes in February. And, although their followers decrease, they are infringing on the rules of Twitter. Violating the spam policy is a reason for permanent suspension within the network.

For large accounts, temporary suspensions are part of the punishment. However, most owners return directly to the game of theft of tweets. Sometimes they do it from the same account after being activated and others, through entirely new accounts.

But it is still not confirmed if this action launched by Twitter will allow these users to return after a time of punishment or if this time they will be permanently blocked.

What do you think of Twitter’s latest crackdown? Have you noticed a difference on your Twitter feed yet?

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