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Movie Review – Tomb Raider: The Return of Lara Croft | AIB

I would like to start this review by sharing that I’m a follower of Tomb Raider video games – especially the last one that came out a few years ago. The idea of ​​managing as a main character of the story a daring, intrepid and beautiful girl at the same time, is sensational when you involve the search for the truth.

The reboot of “Tomb Raider” arrives with the hope of adapting the archaeologist to the modern times, making her forget the stereotyped and misogynistic image of Angelina Jolie’s movies. The makers are striving to secure the legacy of Crystal Dynamics and expand that universe with a new story. And well, its result is correct, discreet, “entertaining.”

Tomb Raider

The reboot of the franchise centered on Lara Croft tells us a new origin for the heroine. Unlike the video game, it gives us more background about the character as she is a 21-year-old girl who survives after the disappearance of her famous and millionaire father. Her refusal to take control of the family business hangs in the balance, but in the moment of truth, she will discover what she always dreamed of her adventurous side.

The start of the Tomb Raider movie is pretty urban, marked by brief flashbacks in which we see Lara learning to handle the bow and remembering moments of her childhood with her father and it is a necessary introduction to make the character more credible as it goes deeper into the mystery. Not only it shows us her physical preparation, but also because it provides the footage with greater fluidity, interspersing the most exciting action sequences, such as a bicycle chase through the streets of London.

Tomb Raider

After the discovering sign of life of her father, Lara will embark on a search and rescue mission that will take her to a remote island in Japan called Yamatai (as in the game). The last known location of her father, and from that moment on, the greatest similarities with the video game begins. We can witness the wreck of her ship (does it sound like of the game?) and the closure of the “extreme survival” is opened, and this new Lara is already tanned to the battlefield. Which has been opened by the corporation that is behind an archaeological find that could have ominous consequences for humanity?

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a film that lacks a sense of humor, but CGI has similarities between some action scenes and the games. Impossible jumps, blows and deadly falls … All the CGI is dedicated to this mission, and the result is more than outstanding. And this new Lara Croft is younger and asexual, something that could make it be received as a fly-by of the feminist flag if it were not for just sharing two sequences with two other women of which only one is relevant to the plot. It should also be noted that this is a much cleaner mirror in which new generations can reflect.

Of course, the film intends to launch a sequel, but that will depend mostly on the reception it has at the box office. It’s funny, but what works best is alien to the video game and the worst, that pseudo-archaeological plot that gives us the biggest and most difficult to swallow phantoms of the day.

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Dodging the "voguing" in front of the camera and showing real emotional vulnerability, Vikander manages to register a more human version of Lara Croft, but no less heroic and realized as a character. The 29-year-old actress manages to make the Tomb Raider faults look tiny, resulting in the first official success in cinema inspired by video games.

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