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The World’s First Squeezable Metal Water Bottle | AIB

If you go to the gym, you know how great it is to have a good bottle of water with you. However, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect bottle that meets all your requirements. There are poisonous substances in many plastic bottles and plastic is not particularly great for the environment. A metal bottle should then be better, but you can not squeeze again to spray the water out. KEEGO happily gives you the best of both worlds. It is a metal bottle, which you can simply squeeze.

Plastic made of metal

Metal Water Bottle

Although there are metals that are more flexible, it is hard to imagine that you could make a squeezable water bottle. The team behind KEEGO therefore also had to adapt the metal to create the perfect material.

Titanium is used as metal and what makes the final material so flexible is that plastic has been woven into it. KEEGO is equally squeezable as any standard plastic bottle but consists of 99.8 percent titanium.

Ribs for sweaty fingers

Metal Water Bottle

Hopefully, the team has checked that you do not grow a third arm after ten years drinking from a titanium bottle. The result looks good in any case, and titanium would ensure that the taste of what you put in the bottle is maintained.

On the side, they added ribs, so that your sweaty fingers do not slip away and the bottle would also be resistant to scratches and weather resistant. Incidentally, quite a lot fits in the bottle. With a capacity of 710 ml, you have enough drinking with you to survive your workout.

Water bottle with a unique number

Metal Water Bottle

Although it sounds brilliant, the price might seem a bit expensive for a water bottle. Of course, it is again a Kickstarter project, and for 45 euros you get a KEEGO sent home in August. If you pay 75 euros, you even get two. To make your water bottle special, you can engrave a number between 11 and 99. Each number will only be stamped only once.

Find out more on the official Keego Kickstarter page.

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