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Do You Dare? The 10 Most Scary Places In The World | AIB

If you’re looking for out-of-the-ordinary places to vacation, this is for you. There are many legends surround this places that have been fed by mystery and tradition as time passed. Ghost stories, massacres or just the appearance of some sites that only by seeing them, make us doubt if what is said about them is true or not.

If you are a fan of horror flicks, and fear makes you run errands, you will surely be happy to visit these 10 creepy places.

1. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Scary Places

Located in Siauliai, the Mount of Crosses looks like an old cemetery, but it is a hill that became the place of pilgrimage for Catholics. The people who visit them believe that if they leave across there, their wishes will be fulfilled and they will be fortunate.

According to legend, the first person who put a cross in that place was a peasant whose daughter was seriously ill. Shortly after placing the cross on the hill, the girl recovered, and from there, new crosses began to appear.

2. The Monsters of Bomarzo, Italy

Scary Places

The Park of the Monsters in the Garden of Bomarzo was not meant to be beautiful. It was built in 1580 in the city under the mandate of Count Pier Francesco Orsini. Within this tourist place, there are 30 sculptures among which the Heracles, Aphrodite, the Cerberus dog, the sirens, the sloping houses and the Puerta del Infierno stand out.

3. Island of the Dead Dolls, Mexico

Scary Places

Don Julián Santana was the caretaker of this island, and it is said that he found a small drowned girl near the place. Shortly after the tragedy, he discovered a doll floating on the spot where the little girl had lost her life, and as a sign of respect and support for the spirit to find peace, he hung it in the trees.

That’s how things continued until 50 years later when Julian died. However, despite the terrifying impression of this island full of dolls, tourists seem to love to take a tour here and learn about the history.

4. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Scary Places

The Aokigahara Forest is known as the sea of ​​trees or the forest of suicides; this place is not only a tourist route but also the favorite place of people who decide to end their lives.

Although the authorities do everything possible to prevent deaths in this place, the truth is that people manage to do it, since the 50s to the present, there have already been more than 500 suicides here.

5. Hand of the Desert, Chile

Scary Places

This 11-meter sculpture is located in Antofagasta, in northern Chile. According to the original story of the author Mario Irarrázabal, the monument symbolizes loneliness, injustice, and impotence.

Currently, this place is visited by many tourists. Besides that, it has been the perfect place to record music and promotional videos. Unfortunately, some visitors do not take care of the structure, which is why it has deteriorated.

6. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Scary Places

In Northern Ireland, there is an old legend about this place that a giant built it. However, what happened is that millions of years ago a volcanic eruption left watered by the molten basalt coasts that over time solidified and acquired this form only that it is so perfect that it seems that it was carved and created by a kind of giant man.

7. Catacombs of Paris, France

Scary Places

In Paris, France, there is a strange underground cemetery where the remains of approximately 6 million people rest. Now it is a tourist attraction, quite strange indeed, where visitors can walk under the streets of Paris, surrounded by human remains.

8. Overtoun Bridge, Scotland

Scary Places

The bridge in the city of Dumbarton has a bad reputation because the dogs are thrown from it with their heads down, always in the same place. This was initially attributed to mysticism, until the animal behavior expert Davis Sexton, investigated the site from which the dogs were winnowing, finding that there is a large amount of urine traits of bison and mice, a substance that affects much to the canines and encourages them to jump off the bridge.

9. Island of Poveglia, Italy

Scary Places

According to legends, Poveglia is one of the islands of the Venetian lagoon where they sent to die those infected with the plague. Therefore, it is full of the lost souls of the sick.

In 1922 the place became a psychiatric hospital that operated until the year of 1968, it was said that doctors did experiments with the sick and that the doctors in charge were gone crazy threw himself from one of the towers. Currently, the place is abandoned.

10. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Scary Places

Sedlec Ossuary is located in the cemetery of Todos Los Santos in the suburb of Kutná Hora, a place that is famous because all its interior decorated with human bones.

As the cemetery was not able to house the bodies of the deceased, in 1400 this chapel was built with a vault, which was used to store the mortal remains. Later in the 19th century, bones and skulls were cleaned and used for interior decoration.

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