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Legendary Series V-Rally Returns with New Sequel | AIB

The European studio Kylotonn Entertainment specialized in the development of driving games following its latest launches such as WRC 7 or the newest Isle of Man TT, and now they are back with V-Rally 4, which will bring us the rally competition to our consoles and PC. Possibly, the name will sound a lot to the oldest of the place (or lovers of classic and retro games), since the first of them appeared in 1997 on PlayStation One, and became one of the references of the genre for its spectacular gameplay and realism.

V-Rally was first released in 1997 on PlayStation 1, revolutionizing the genre with 3 game modes and a selection of real-world vehicles and famous tracks. Some years later, on PlayStation 2, V-Rally 3 launch was a great success, adding a career mode with decisive team options and an even more number of tracks.


After these two deliveries, the responsible company (Eden Games, who were behind many other Test Drive Unlimited) abandoned the project after the closure of Atari (its publisher). Since 2003, we have been left without a continuation of the saga until now, in which we will see a triumphant return on PS4, Xbox One and PC, as well as Nintendo Switch, this being the first console Rally game.

The Return of a Legendary Off-road Racing Game!

Now, the saga returns with V-Rally 4 and has more than 50 models of the emblematic rally and extreme sports vehicles. The nostalgic players can collect, update, customize and master the favorite cars, three of which can be seen in the official trailer: a Porsche 911 Safari, a Ford Mustang and a Ford Fiesta RS RX.

“It’s a real privilege for me to work once again on the V-Rally series,” said Alain Jarniou, director of games at Kylotonn. “It’s an amazing title with which I have a very special connection, and I had the opportunity to join the team that created V-Rally and developed V-Rally 3 on the PlayStation 2. As a programmer, I am very proud to be working in the franchise again 15 years later.”


Among the game, modes include the Rally mode that allows us to compete on different types of tracks throughout the world from Africa to Sequoia Park and Japan, each with its own extreme variable conditions, such as snow, ice, and mud. Apart from that, we will have another mode like Extreme-Khana, an original mode where we will have to compete under challenging tracks full of obstacles and traps. And finally V-Rally Cross mode with a competition between 8 competitors being 7 controlled by the AI ​​(or an online game) and the Buggy mode, whose name already gives an idea of ​​the type of vehicles we are going to drive. You can also prove your worth in the Online and Career modes of V-Rally 4.

V-Rally 4 will be released for almost everything: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in September 2018, published by Bigben Interactive.

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