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The wait is over, and if you’re one of the fans of the Far Cry franchise, you’ll be happy to know that Far Cry 5 is now available. Far Cry is the fifth installment in the Ubisoft saga, a brand that has led us to modern environments and also prehistoric, as well as through the most exotic places. Far Cry 5 is undoubtedly the best installment in the saga, the most complete, polished, fun and spectacular, which does everything fine virtually.

Something well-known in each Far Cry is the change of atmosphere, since you will spend many hours touring its beautiful natural landscapes, and both wildlife and vehicles, weapons and narrative are affected by the scenario where each adventure takes place. Far Cry 5 takes us to Montana, United States, so the saga abandons exotic locations for the first time and goes to a very different place, something that is seen in the game in different ways.

Far Cry 5

In Far Cry 5, we have to face the Eden’s Gate sect, which is a dangerous cult of the Last Judgment Day led by Joseph Seed, an authentic villain in the tradition of other legendary enemies of the saga such as Pagan Min or the memorable Vaas Montenegro. Of course, this evil character is not alone supported by all his army of henchmen, the Heralds, who make us give the best of ourselves in approach to action in the first person overcoming this campaign in a cooperative format.

There are not too many substantial changes in the Far Cry 5, you know, huge scenarios that allow different approaches with a lot of weapons and vehicles that allow you to solve situations as you like, with stealth, with direct action or a mixture of both styles. All the good of the previous Far Cry is kept and polished, and as an action game, it works like a bullet, especially if you’re a fan of the saga since you’ll feel at home from the first minute.

Far Cry 5

In addition to the system of allies, which we will explain later, the novelty that is most noticeable in this release is its new structure, more open than ever. Since from the beginning of the game, we have three regions available with more than 130 missions, which we can face in the order we want. A herald leads each region, and our goal is to perform all kinds of activities to get points to fill a resistance meter completely, which will allow us to face the great villain of the region.

Perform missions, take enemy positions, a classic of the saga, destroy properties of the sect, free hostages, steal or eliminate enemy goods, get points to be able to face the leader of each region. We can focus on just one area of ​​the map, how to go between the three, any way of playing is possible, and this feels great in Far Cry, a freedom that was already in the gameplay, and now permeates all the work.

Far Cry 5

A freedom that has also been contagious to its progression system, being able to unlock the skills and improvements at our whim with some talent points that we obtain regularly. Both exploring the scenarios and collecting collectibles as well as the dozens of challenges (a certain number of casualties with each weapon, eliminate animals, tour the air and a lot more) reward any way of playing. Although the more varied, the better, because more challenges you will perform and more talent points you will get.

The other great novelty of the gameplay are allied fighters, a series of characters managed by the AI ​​and that will accompany you on your adventure. You can recruit them anywhere on the map, since they are members of the resistance and join the enchanted combat, and we can give them simple commands, such as moving to a position or attacking an enemy.

Far Cry 5

But within these allies, there are nine specialists, some characters that we have to recruit after carrying out a mission and that have special abilities and characteristics. For example, a dog that can mark enemies and even attack them and bring your weapons and a pilot who helps you with a plane from the air. Also, a sniper, a skillful hunter who uses a bow with stealth, a character that uses a flamethrower, another a rocket launcher, and even a bear and a lynx.

All the specialists are very different from each other and are suitable for specific situations or ways of playing. In addition to giving them orders, they can also revive you if you fall in combat, although you also have to worry about them because if they die, it takes to reappear a few minutes. In a fairly brave design decision – unlike allied characters in other games, here the enemies see the allies when you are trying to play with stealth, so if you bet on infiltration, it is better to go alone, or accompanied by a suitable character for it.

It is also important to note that this time you can play the entire campaign between two players through the Internet, and if it is fun alone imagine in the company of a friend, the laughter and epic moments are guaranteed. A feature that is not given extreme importance promotionally speaking, but it is a detail that speaks very well of a complete game in all aspects.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry5 offers vehicles of all types: from muscle cars to ATVs, airplanes and many more means of conveyance with which to travel its vast world. Where we have most noticed is the variety of missions, which is surprising considering that there are more than 130 and that it is still a shooting game. We have never had the sensation of repeating situations or falling into monotony, and that has enormous merit in a game so generous in content.

Regardless of the platform chosen to play it, all console versions look great, you can see that Ubisoft has already taken the pulse to the current generation, and yes, they all move at 30fps, so you have to go to the PC to enjoy the 60fps.


Far Cry 5 arrives fulfilling almost everything it promised. An outstanding action game, which is the only thing that fails once again is to build a great story, something complicated taking into account its particular structure, and in its lack of innovation and exceeding playable novelties, something that they will have to face without fail for the next delivery.

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If you previously enjoyed a Far Cry and you like its proposal do not think about it, you will love it, and if you are simply a lover of the genre, there are many good reasons to be entertained for a good few hours with an adventure of hilarious action.

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