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Detroit: Become Human PS4 Exclusive will Arrive on May 25 | AIB

Sony Interactive Entertainment announces that the sci-fi thriller Detroit: Become Human will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 on May 25. The game, developed by the creators of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, will be available in physical format at a recommended price of 60 USD.

The digital version can be purchased through the PlayStation Store and will include: two themes dynamic for PS4, a digital art book, the original Deluxe soundtrack with bonus tracks, avatars for PSN and a digital copy of the game Heavy Rain, the acclaimed graphic adventure published by the studio Quantic Dream in 2010.

Detroit: Become Human

The game is already available for booking through PlayStation Store and includes as incentives: the original soundtrack of the game (different from the Deluxe), a dynamic theme for the PS4 set in the city of Detroit and access to the title Heavy Rain from the moment the reservation is made.

Detroit: Become Human places the player in the city of Detroit in 2038, a dystopian future where the industrial fabric has gained momentum thanks to the introduction of androids. But coexistence with humans will not always be natural and more so now that the androids have begun to behave as if they were really alive.

Detroit: Become Human

It is at that moment when the player will take control of the protagonists of this story: Kara, Connor and Markus, three androids who will break through with a unique perspective, interacting with numerous characters in their environment and making decisions that will determine the fate of both the androids as that of Humanity.

In Detroit: Become Human the player will have to make decisions that will change the course of the story. To do this, you must consider moral choices and significant dilemmas and assume the consequences, since in some cases this can mean living or dying.

The game will feature a new gameplay system and interface with which you can explore in an intuitive and enveloping scenario with the characters, using the unique skills that each protagonist possesses and writing each his own story.

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