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Apple Unveils New iPad to Catch Google in the Classroom | AIB

Apple launched a new iPad for students with stylus support during an education event in Chicago on Tuesday. This new device seems to be the cornerstone of Apple’s strategy to win the classrooms, a battle that Apple was trying to win.

Apple’s new version of cheaper iPad comes equipped with A10 Fusion chip, FaceTime HD and Touch ID (which already had the model launched in 2017), and comes hand in hand with tools such as iBooks Author, which allows users to edit and create their own interactive books. The new iPad device starts at $299 for schools and $329 for consumers and is available to ship starting shortly.

iPad for Students

The sales of equipment for the educational market in the United States continue to increase steadily around 18% year after year. In other words, schools are being modernized little by little. The problem for Apple is that Google dominates the market for operating systems by a vast margin.

According to study, Chromebooks account for 59.6% of the educational market in the United States, followed by Windows computers with 25.6%. Apple holds the third and fourth positions in this market, but with very low percentages: 10.6% for iOS and 3.5% for MacOS.

In the rest of the world, Chromebooks have a harder time taking off, but Apple is not doing much better. Windows dominates the classrooms with 65% market share followed by 17% of Android, 9% of iOS and 6% of Chromebooks.

iPad for Students

The educational market is entirely different from domestic market and much more complex for Apple. The reason is the price. With few exceptions, schools have to spend a lot of money on their budgets for technology. The segment that has experienced the most growth in recent years is that of devices below $ 300.

The new iPad costs $ 299 with the discount for students already applied. If we add a stylus $ 49 in the case of the new Logitech Crayon and about $ 24 for a Bluetooth keyboard, the price already rises to 372 that is way too high. Of course, the hardware specifications of the iPad are not the same as those of a $ 120 Chromebook, but in a classroom environment, it does not matter much whether the processor is capable of running video games or not. The important thing is the applications that connect the teacher with the students.

iPad for Students

There are dozens of educational applications in the Apple Store, but few offer a stable environment for study. Apple has done something right today and is presenting precisely a suite of applications designed specifically to manage the workflow between students and teacher and allow it to assign tasks or correct them.

iOS is by no means the only platform to offer this set of tools. Google provides its version of these applications with efficiency similar to that used in corporate environments. Microsoft is also a master in developing coordinated learning and study platforms for Windows.

Apple adds several exciting rewards in the form of music applications, art and the possibility of playing with its augmented reality development platform, which has enormous potential in the educational environment. We will see if all these cherries in their educational division manage to tilt the balance towards the Apple side. At the moment they have a long way to go.

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