Sunday, August 25, 2019

Apple to Ditch The iPhone X NOTCH From Future iPhones | AIB

The iPhone X screen got highlighted the day of its presentation for its excellent qualities. A very bright OLED panel with an extremely sharp color adjustment. However, the introduction of 3D facial recognition with Face ID forced them to keep a notch on display to accommodate the TrueDepth camera.

According to reports, Apple intends to reduce that section in the next generation of the iPhone X. The company could carry out this redesign of the front of the future iPhone X, thanks to the miniaturization of the sensors that are integrated into the camera called TrueDepth. In this way, it would not be necessary to occupy the section that holds the notch of the iPhone X screen.

iPhone X NOTCH

If this report is not exactly surprising, what draws attention is that it will take until 2019 for this long-awaited change to hit the market. Until that, a lot can happen. We can be sure that Apple’s competitors are currently breaking their heads to get rid of our friend notch, so do not doubt that by then it’s already universal full-screen smartphones without notch.

But how to build a “smartphone” without notch? According to the reports, they may make holes in the OLED panel, which would make it possible to fit the components under the screen. Another possibility is to place the sensors on the top of the phone, which would cause a slightly larger edge than the current one. Amid that would take some of the grace of the “full-screen phone,” so I’m notifying the first option.

Another new feature news is that Apple is working to adapt the sensors of its TrueDepth camera to the rear camera. A change that would aim to introduce Apple in the field of augmented reality fully. The implementation of this type of sensors in the front of the team would give the user the ability to work accurately with space and dimensions, keys in the treatment of augmented reality images.

While the reduction of the notch of the iPhone X screen of 2018 is feasible, the technical difficulties involved in a system similar to that of Face ID in the double rear camera can delay Apple’s plans for 2019 so we would be talking about two generations of iPhone to see implanted this solution.

Before that, Apple is still expected to release three new iPhones, which should include a 6.5-inch OLED screen and a 6.1-inch LCD screen, the latter probably without a border.


  1. Do you think this decision might have been prompted by the presence of so many iPhone X clones in the market. I read an article which stated that the phone is not selling well and Apple has asked its vendors to cut down the production of its parts. The iPhone X Android clones are much cheaper and people seem to be liking them.

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