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5 Ideas to Start Overcome Bad Moments | AIB

Bad moments are as natural as breathing. We all go through ups and downs throughout our lives, but we cannot let sadness, despair or even resentment and hatred be our permanent residence.

We live in a society that requires us to be completely happy every day of the year, throughout our lives. The concept of ​​happiness that we have is completely wrong: we will not be happier to buy more things or to have a bigger family or to have a more or less recognized job.

Happiness is in the small things and the little gestures. However, it is quite complicated to see it like that when we find ourselves in those dark moments of which it seems we will never leave. For that reason, today we have gathered some tips to cope with those moments in which we see everything gray.

Bad Moments

1. Accept It

Accept that everything is going wrong, and you are not happy and that you are in a “hole.” There no use of denying it. Recognize that you are going through a rough patch and it first steps to get out of it.

2. Talk About It

It is easy for things to be deformed if we do not express them. Therefore, it is much easier to overcome those bad times if you talk about them with someone you trust- or with a therapist. Many times, when we talk about it, we realize that it was not so bad and that we were making a mountain of a grain of sand.

3. Learn Something about the Situation

I know it seems complicated, but since you have to go through it, why not go out and learn a lesson and grow? We can learn something in which the situation we find ourselves will make it easier to get out of it.

Bad Moments

4. Look for Mental, Emotional or Physical Resources

Relativize the regretful moments, get closer to that friend who helps you laugh at everything – be it good or bad – and give it a little perspective. Also, do not forget to take care of yourself and surround yourself with pleasurable, friendly sensations. Do not look for a fight, run away from arguments.

Look for a sport that does you good: go for a run, practice yoga, dance, meditate … Activating your body will help you to “detach” from the bad moments. Combine the exercise with a good meditation, a relaxing bath or a massage, separate yourself from that feeling that overwhelms you and hurts you.

All these resources will not make the situation disappear, and everything is as if nothing, but it will help you to take perspective and see the moment you are going through differently.

5. Do Not Despair

Grandmas often say that everything is surpassed except death, and they are right. We are not talking about something as serious as a depression, but of those bad times we all go through at some point (a loss, a break, a disappointment, a dismissal …) and this It does not have to be different. If you trust that everything will end up happening and that you will return to touch happiness, you will have enough energy to keep walking.

Bad moments are part of life, they are a nuisance, of course, but sooner or later we come across one or the other, and all end up happening in more or less time. We do not have the magic formula for them to pass before, but if you look at things with different eyes, you will see everything clearer.

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