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Tesla’s Cloud Hit By Crypto Mining Malware Attack | AIB

Every device connected to the Network runs the risk of being hacked at some point. No matter the degree or strength of the security system, sooner or later you will discover a failure by which a hacker sneaks in and makes his own. Data theft is the most common or the introduction of a virus or ransomware are the usual practices, but it turns out that some hackers have used resources from the Tesla cloud to mine bitcoins.

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about what cryptocurrencies are, how they are obtained and even how to buy them with a mobile phone. But there are those who directly choose to purchase them with their own means. That consists of using the computer to mine bitcoins, allocating all its resources to solve logical processes. Each problem solved adds these digital currencies, but only the fastest ones get them. For this reason, the Tesla’s Kubernetes cloud server has been hacked to mine bitcoins.

telsa server hacked

RedLock, a security firm specializing in security intelligence in the cloud, found that one of Tesla’s servers hosted on Amazon Web Services was hacked and the attackers used the ability of the cloud to mine cryptocurrencies since they found it more valuable to use the processing power than the data itself.

The attackers knew what they were doing since it was discovered that they used the Stratum extraction protocol, hid the IP of their server with CloudFlare, and also, they kept a low use of CPU to avoid suspicion.

Crypto Mining

Once they noticed this activity, RedLock informed Tesla of what was happening, which led to quick action on the matter. According to a spokesperson for Tesla, the vulnerability was discharged a few hours after they received the notice, and they assure that at no time was the safety of their users or their cars compromised, since this server assigned to testing cars used by the engineering department.

While there is no proof that the intruders stole data, they did install an application that mines cryptocurrencies and used the enormous computational resources of Tesla’s AWS servers to extract the cryptocurrency. Still, it is not clear how much money this group of hackers made.

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