Wednesday, August 21, 2019

New Bug Can Make Your iPhone Almost Unusable | AIB

Things have not gone well with iOS 11 and Apple is worried, because now a new bug appears and is much more severe and annoying than the previous ones.

Just a week ago the original code that allows the boot of iOS devices was leaked and in 2017 some of the most severe vulnerabilities in the history of these computers were found in macOS. Now, according to reports, a new bug has been detected in the operating system that affects applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp or Gmail both mobile phones and Apple computers.

In this particular, The vulnerability is activated by receiving a character from the Telugu Indian language. The system is unable to load this character and crashes after trying it several times, giving the only solution a factory reset in DFU mode. It affects devices with the latest version of iOS, 11.2.5, and also some versions of the Mac operating system.

iPhone bug

To block the error, you have to send a new message without this Indian character to the affected mobile from a different number than the one that caused the failure. Once you can access the application, it is best to delete the message that contains the character in question. In the case of WhatsApp, it is solved by entering from the web application.

Specifically, to halt further crashes of this type in Apple’s programs, the company has decided to introduce a new strategy in the software development department, which relieves engineers of the pressure of the calendar. Programs that are not ready for the annual fall presentation will be postponed for one year.

According to reports, Apple could solve it by launching the new operating system iOS 11.3, which at least in its beta version does not contain the error. That same next version is the one that brings the controls to know the state of your battery, as we remember, they also had “one or another problem” for that.

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