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Naughty Dog Director Gives Updates on ‘Uncharted’ and ‘Last of Us’ Movies | AIB

Sony Pictures has been busy exploiting ideas based on Sony PlayStation video games, and some Naughty Dog titles have caught their attention as Uncharted and The Last of Us. While the Uncharted film was recently raised in a direct adaptation to a story of origin about a young Nathan Drake, the movie The Last of Us remains stagnant.

‘Uncharted’ and ‘Last of Us’ are very successful Naughty Dog video games. In the company, they are determined to adapt their stories to the cinema, but it will be different from what the fans think. The last report we had was that Tom Holland would be young Nathan Drake, the script would run under Joe Carnahan, and the director would be Shawn Levy.

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Now we have some news that has told Neil Druckmann director of Naughty Dog. Regarding the Uncharted movie, we had some conversations with Shawn Levy. And he is really passionate. He understands it, and I think he understands where we are. We have evolved our feelings toward these types of adaptations over the years. We used to get excited, ‘Oh, my God, the movies are watching us. There could be an Uncharted movie on the screen. And then, as time passes, we are not excited about a direct adaptation of the story we have because we feel that we have already told that story very well, cinematographically.

So I do not know what else we could bring … Shawn Levy wants to tell a different story to the four main adventures. With a young potential Nathan Drake, fill in the gaps. I think it’s much more interesting than trying to retell Uncharted 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Tom Holland will be Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie. Neil Druckmann also talked about the possible film of ‘Last of Us.’ This project is much more closed than ‘Uncharted’ although something similar happens to them. Personally, I do not want to adapt to the cinema, but to explore other things.

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I worked on the screenplay for the movie ‘The Last of Us,’ which was a direct adaptation. And now, having some separation, I look back and think: “I do not want that movie to be made, maybe there is something that can be done in the world, either focusing on other characters or another time.” But, for me, for Naughty Dog and many of our fans, Nolan North is Nathan Drake, Ashley Johnson is Ellie, Troy Baker is Joel. And it would be very disorienting to see someone else in that role. ”

Sony could take note of comic book films and develop a movie from The Last of Us that tells a story similar to the game but does not strictly adapt the source material. That would also allow filmmakers the creative freedom to expand the game world and establish potential sequels.

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