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King of Beasts: Monster Hunter: World Game Review | AIB

Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. It is an immense title, preserving the essence of the original titles, now on consoles for the first time and PC. This RPG action franchise is much appreciated in Japan and has long found followers around the world.

From its 2004 debut in home consoles to its strong presence in Nintendo handheld computers in recent years, Monster Hunter found the audience that appreciates its deep creation that consists of gathering, creating resources and stalking monsters at high levels.

Monster Hunter: World

Like its predecessors, the story of Monster Hunter: World revolves around a group of researchers and hunters who strive to learn more about the giant monsters that thrive in whole parts of the world. As a hunter in the Fifth Order of the Commission, you can travel to the “New World” to help discover the reason behind the migration of the Ancient Dragons, which are the largest beasts known to man.

Monster Hunter: World reinforces the traditional game cycle of the series, making you focus on a series of fights that will be tough and complicated. Despite the fact that past games force players to seek not such exciting missions at the beginning, this time Monster Hunter: World, assigns you the task of killing a Great Jagras, basically a massive Iguana, on your first mission. The best thing is that these large-scale battles will continue throughout the 30-40 hour campaign of the game.

In addition to hunting and fighting, you must improve your character’s team, team up with other users and explore, and grow as a player as the hours go by since only the best hunters will have something to say in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter: World

However, the basic progression of the hunt has not changed. You will still have 50 minutes to track your prey, following footprints, drooling, monster sizes and other clues, and then kill or capture the target. These huge creatures will range from dinosaurs to dragons that breathe fire, each with its own set of attacks and weak points. Also, you must pay close attention when faced with these compelling objectives, since their attacks can send you to the grave quickly if you do not have a plan.

Monster Hunter did a “soul-style” match before Dark Souls. Using about 14 weapons, you must attack at the appropriate times regardless of whether you use light or heavy weapons. The world favors the deliberate bars on the crushing of the buttons, and the regular rhythm of your strokes makes the moment by moment experience very tense, and that each action is consistent.

Also, thanks to the more fluid animations, you will have a greater sense of control of your weapons than in previous entries, which eliminate much of the click that comes with combat systems based on priority animation, where your character is blocked in each action until you complete it.

Monster Hunter: World

However, the game is Monster Hunter, not Monster fighter, which means that each mission has a prolonged issue and your goal will not always wait to be defeated. It is quite possible that, throughout the fight, the weakened monsters will drift away several times, forcing you to follow them again. Although in the past, this process had the potential to become tedious, thanks to its larger and more diverse maps, this aspect of the confrontations feel more intense.

Best of all, it is the scale at which these fights are appreciated since they allow you to feel like a fighter so real that it can even overwhelm the size and strength of the monster. In this version, while fights can last longer than the allowed time limit when your enemy has fallen, it will make you feel a more rewarding sense of accomplishment than with previous versions.

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Taking into account its challenging difficulty, Capcom has intertwined the individual and multiplayer components in a single experience. That means players can complete the mission alone or with a group of up to four players. Undoubtedly this game is a lot of learning and resistance due to the complicated and long fights. If you are a new player, you will probably have certain problems at first, but do not worry, if you are willing to experiment, you will find your balance as you overcome the fights.

monster hunter world

The narration takes place in a series of cinematic scenes between missions, as well as through fixed images with voiceless dialogues. It is often uncomfortable, especially because some of the most important moments in history do not have the proper and lively treatment they deserve. But, to be honest, we believe that better scenes would not be enough to consolidate the narrative of Monster Hunter: World.

However, for fans, this story, in our opinion, poorly developed, will not affect the thrill of the hunt. Monster Hunter has always dealt with battles between bosses, and that continues to happen in this version.

Monster Hunter keeps demanding more and more, even though you have apparently finished the main objectives. As the game develops, new goals keep coming up that you have to fulfill, which makes you feel like the game is never over. In the game, there are a lot of side quests that range from standard capture missions to treasure quests that offer different challenges. In this new version, World adds two new mission forms, “investigations” and “rewards,” which will continuously unlock throughout the game.


Monster Hunter: World is a unique action RPG of its kind and without a doubt, Monster Hunter: World outperforms every previous entry. It feels like the best of both worlds and makes it accessible to new players without altering the essence that attracted fans to its infancy. Despite the fact that history as such has some flaws, Monster Hunter: World surpasses its predecessors vertiginously.

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Monster Hunter World is a great and addictive action RPG game, but the best is yet to come for this series. It's exceptional gaming experience provides a ridiculous amount of content. Whether you're hunting on your own or with online friends, the exciting combat and subsequent rewards make for one satisfying monster hunting adventure.

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