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Mike Asimos: Top 5 Indian Wines | AIB

Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to have that perfectly eloquent and informed response to wine and wine pairings at a dinner party? Checking in to Mike Asimo’s page from time to time can give you the knowledge you need regarding the best wines from around the world and the best pairings.

Expert importer, exporter, and wholesaler of wine, Mike Asimos shares his passion for Jazz, travel, and wine with the world. He has done what many of us only dream of: he turned his ultimate passion for wine into his profession. The level of Asimos’ passion for wine is evident as he loves all aspects of it from the starting grapes, to fermentation, to bottling, tasting, and coming up with the most delectable pairings. Here are his top 5 Indian wine selections:

1) Zampa Soirée Brut Rosé

Zampa Soirée Brut Rosé

This sparkling wine rates high on the effervescence-and-balance scale. Its lovely blush color is beautiful to behold, while the bubbly flavor and texture are as refreshing and crisp to taste. Made from the Syrah grape, it contains notes of red cherry and strawberry. The creamy and fruity tones, ever popular in Indian wines, will not disappoint. Pairs perfectly with white meat, brie cheese, and sweet desserts.

2) Grover Zampa La Reserva

Quite rightfully so, the Grover Zampa La Reserva has held its spot as the best-tasting Indian Red. This wine first titillates the senses with its highly-fragrant bouquet with traces of rose and blackcurrant. It boasts a full-bodied and rich flavor ripe with fruity sweetness and tang, spiced with the smoky hints of oak and tobacco. This would be an ideal choice for pairing with lamb or spicy food.

3) Sette 2011

Sette 2011

This lovely wine spends 14 months aging in French oak barrels and is one of a handful of Indian wines with bottle-aging promise. The Sette applies the perfect combination of grapes with 70 percent Sangiovese and 30 percent Cabernet Sauvignon. The result is a well-rounded wine, smooth tannins, a bright fruity flavor, lovely aroma, and a solid finish.

4) Charosa Reserve Tempranillo

Mike Asimos

From the Nashik Valley, this medium-bodied wine has a sweet and fruity aroma. The color is a rich vermillion. To the palate, it brings the sweetness of grapes, the freshness and tang of tomatoes, the dryness of figs, and the sweet juiciness of raisins. The warm flavor comes from red fruits like strawberries and raspberries. With tapas or grilled red meat, the Charosa Reserve Tempranillo makes a perfectly scintillating pairing.

5) Zampa Chêne Grande Reserve

Zampa Chêne Grande Reserve

This medium-bodied wine has light and papery-thin tannins. Made from Syrah and Tempranillo, it has a deep rich red color, with fruity notes of berry and plum. It has an earthy and spicy undertone with notes of tobacco, coffee, spices, and oak. Here, the Tempranillo quality is overshadowed by the spicy Syrah. This wine has good acidity and rounds out nicely on the palate. This wine would pair excellently with a presentation of Peking duck.

To delve further into the worlds of Jazz music, world travel, and of course, wines, follow Mike Asimos’s blog and social media channels as he continues to share his life’s passion with the world. Enjoy these recommendations of the top five Indian wines.

There are much more to choose from, but these five provide an excellent starting point from which to explore the unique flavors of wines that India has to offer the world. From the Zampa Soirée Brut Rosé to the Grover Zampa La Reserva, the Sette 2011, Charosa Reserve Tempranillo, and the Zampa Chêne Grande Reserve, enjoy these highly scintillating flavor combinations.

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