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An Interview with Agam Berry: Digital Marketing Expert And Entrepreneur | AIB

Agam Berry is one of the leading digital marketing professionals in the U.S. and India. His diverse background in advertising and web development has positioned him as one of the current go-to experts on dealing with unsold ad inventory for web publishers. Agam recently shared with us some of his experiences and how they relate to his success.

1. Tell us about yourself and why you got involved in digital marketing.

I first got involved with developing entertainment websites while just a teenager, at age 17. From there I learned how to create a wide variety of sites and marketing plans for entrepreneurs in virtually every market niche.

2. Why is India important to you and your career?

As an India native and a graduate of Punjab University, India is my first home. I wanted to be able to lend my expertise and knowledge to my colleagues and peers within India, which is why I set up offices in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

3. What are you working on now?

I am refining my theories and methods for monetizing unsold ad inventory for web publishers, which is the main challenge for those who own sites that derive their primary income from ad sales. At my company, we are working on numerous in-depth projects that can assist web owners who want to derive the highest level of profit from their sites.

4. What advice do you have for entrepreneurs working in your industry?

Some advice I would have for entrepreneurs would be to find a niche and learn everything you can about it. Also, try to leverage your current talents for the long-term improvement of your own career and your ability to help others. Always stay up to date on tech developments and news. That way, you can be ready to help those who lack technical skills, and who are willing to outsource their website monetization efforts.

5. What are your thoughts on new media trends for 2018?

In advertising, there is a huge trend toward video pieces and away from pure print. Even though there will always be a place for print and high-end graphics, the new world of marketing will be centered on high-quality video segments that feature the product or service at hand. Entrepreneurs who neglect this new trend toward visual/video marketing will suffer in comparison to their competitors.

The other major trend is toward the smart use of social media, especially for new entrepreneurs who don’t always have a lot of funds on hand for marketing campaigns. There are good and not so good ways to use sites like Facebook and Twitter to your advantage. Businesses often begin well but neglect to update their social media sites or add content to them on a regular basis. Wise use of social media can serve as a basic marketing effort in the first few months of a company’s existence until cash flow stabilizes and there is money on hand to hire a professional team.

6. How can we follow you?

Those interested in learning more about me can follow my blog, As I mentioned above, I also make regular use of social media posting my digital marketing, cryptocurrency, and media tips and tricks to followers on Twitter and Facebook.

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