Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Google Chrome to Label HTTP Sites As “Not Secure” Starting July 2018 | AIB

The transition to an encrypted website has accelerated in recent years. Google already penalizes pages that do not use HTTPS in their search results and, in general, all browsers have been updating their interfaces to make it clear when we navigate through a secure site (that is, with an SSL certificate).

For some time now, Google has suggested that webmasters adopt HTTPS encryption on their sites, as well as helping users to understand that HTTP sites are not safe, by checking several of these sites in browsers as “not safe.” But from July of this year, in 5 more months and with the launch of Chrome 68 Google will take more drastic measure when tagging with this browser to all HTTP sites as Not Safe.

HTTP Sites

Chrome already did something similar when we sent information through an insecure web, but now the message “not sure” will appear whenever the HTTP protocol is being used without encryption, this will affect the vast majority of pages that are on the Internet, but not the majority of websites that we usually visit.

Google indicates that the progress in this field has been outstanding since they began this campaign for a safer website and so much so that already 68% of Chrome traffic on Windows and Android already uses HTTPS encryption. As for Mac and Chrome OS, 78% of Chrome traffic on those systems is also secure, and 81 of the top 100 sites are already using HTTPS.

HTTP Sites

This type of HTTPS encryption protects the traffic between the user’s browser and the website they are visiting, preventing anyone from intercepting the data transferred between the two points, protecting the user’s private information, including passwords that may be known by an attacker. Of course, an attacker can obtain the encrypted data, but it will be impossible to decipher it.

Nowadays it is effortless to implement HTTPS on a website, and many companies sell HTTPS certificates and help in the implementation, one can also acquire certificates for free and apply them on their sites. There is a lot of information on the web if you are still unsure.

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