Sunday, September 22, 2019

Following The Money: Who’s Really In Control? | AIB

Money can make you feel you have control, but it is money that can control you and cause you discomfort. If you allow money to control you, it is more than likely that in the future you will have emotional problems and inevitably, you could develop some mental disorder.

Nowadays money has become the most important thing for many people, and they forget that it is only a tool that helps to achieve goals and be able to live in this society. Once you know this, you should start to stop giving so much power in your life or that everything you do just turn around money.

It is clear that it is impossible to survive without money since everything in this society must be paid. That’s why there are people who waste a lot of time in the workplace with the only goal: to earn more money. They forget to do the things they like, neglect their family members and even neglect themselves. That is dangerous because you could lose learned values, and your life halts to be a life to enjoy. You would become a slave to money.

Money controlling life

Money can give you both happiness and suffering, depending on the way you invest it. Money can unite people or create great invisible walls to separate them emotionally. Money is a good that is used to buy material things and pay for services. The money sometimes breaks moral values because people are corrupt, but money is just money. There is not all the money in the world that can buy the love of a mother or the respect of the people around you because feelings are not bought with money.

Money is not the only means to solve problems. The craving for money will only make the heart grow cold, and life disappears from your hands. The most dangerous thing is that obsessive thought about making money blinds your life. You can forget the importance of the people you have around you.

Money controlling life

Money has a role in people’s lives, but it is you who allows money to control you. It is necessary to have clear intentions and find the time to enjoy life and other vital things in life. Unfortunately, money often builds massive invisible walls between people because of social inequality. Those who earn a lot of money stay in the upper classes, and it seems inappropriate to fill their circle with other people who are not as rich or who do not have as much power as they do.

Social inequality is a big problem in society. The feelings have no social class, and the wise and successful people do not limit themselves to communicate only with people of their ‘status.’ A thoughtful and emotionally balanced person will know that wealth is temporary and that values ​​are what really matters. Respect among people will make a better world.

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