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The Benefits & Drawbacks of Online Learning | AIB

The education sector has seen immense growth in the advancement of technology. Providing the students with the world-class education is no more a dream. Learning is an integral part of life, whereas education provides the overall development of the child. Learning through latest technology mostly comprises of online mode of learning, that provides a various number of benefits.

As we know that the efficiency cannot be 100%, thus the use of online learning also has some drawbacks. Let us have a look at the Benefits as well as Drawbacks of Online Learning-

Benefits of Online Learning

Visual Tool for Learning- Most of the online learning tool take advantage of visual means of learning. It is a well-known fact that videos have a higher impact over the mind of the users. It helps to remember the concepts for a prolonged duration. Also, video helps students to understand the concepts in a far more better way. Topics like Volume of Cylinder, Matrices requires a good understanding through videos. Also one can easily get to know the real interpretation of the topics by learning through videos.

Systematic Learning- Online learning mostly consist of application based learning. Children can easily access learning from their smartphones. One major advantage that the application based learning provides is that, one can easily study in a flow, without any worry. Following a systematic way of learning helps students to understand the concepts in a better way.

No restrictions and no boundaries- The online learning provides students to get involved in learning from any place around the world. Also, different students can participate in problem-solving, that can be more of fun and beneficial for students to learn a different approach to a problem.

Makes learning easy and more of fun- Learning through videos helps to develop interest amongst the students and make study much more easier. It would be great fun for students learning through animated videos.

Drawbacks of Online Learning

Distraction- Many times, while using technology for learning, we easily get involved in games or surfing social media application. One cannot realize the waste of time that occurs due to this distraction.

More Work- Online classes require plenty of assignments and reading in comparison to traditional classes. It is evident that programs are developing the quality of their online courses which means that students have to work harder to prove that they have mastered the material.

Thus we see that the major benefits of technology help students in their learning. In today’s world, we have the number of advantage for the use of technology in learning, but at the same time, we cannot neglect its drawbacks. Although, the negative impacts can be minimized easily.

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