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20 Places in India That Every Tourist Must Visit | AIB

India is a country that does not look familiar and can be hardly described in words not even in images. It is necessary to travel through it, live it and feel it in the soul to get an idea. It is a country that changes people. It is not a topic, it is true.

India is the land of diversity with an incredibly rich culture and delicious food. The north of the country is mountainous, and there are many highlights of the country. But you can also find beautiful sights in other parts of the country. India is immensely large, and due to its versatility, it is difficult to make a selection of highlights. But you should not miss these 20 places during your trip through India.

1. Kerala


Kerala is also known as God’s own country and one of the most famous states in India. It is on the west coast and, in addition to its tropical beaches, it is full of jungles and animals. Culturally it is also fascinating because here you will find Hindu temples, churches, and mosques.

With the consent of the Ayurvedic medicine treatments and massages and the Kathakali dances, the most famous adventure of Kerala is the canoe ride through the Backwaters of Alappuzha or Kottayam and living in the houseboat. The Backwaters are rivers, lakes, and canals surrounded by vegetation and in which many people live. The best attractions to enjoy in Kerala are Munnar, Athriapally Thekkady waterfalls, Varkala beach, Wayanad, Padmanabhaswamy temple and many others.

2. Jatayu National Park

Jatayu National Park

Located in Chadayamangalam in the Kollam district of Kerala, this rock-themed adventure park will be home to a 200ft long, 150ft wide, 70ft tall mythical Jatayu bird, making it the largest bird sculpture in the world.

In addition to this, the park will also feature several adventure sports, such as mountain biking, rock climbing, boulder, zip line, as well as Paint Ball, laser tag, archery and air rifle shooting, among others. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

3. Goa


Goa is the smallest state in the country. It is the ideal place if you are looking for beaches and trance parties. A real hippie hangout with relaxed beaches, a unique atmosphere, and cozy fishing villages. The usual thing in Goa is to sleep in a cabin on top of a palm tree in front of the beach and rent a motorbike to tour the state.

Goa has a varied landscape with bays, sandy beaches, and palm forests. Compared to many other parts of India, Goa is beautifully green. It is a place where many travelers linger much longer than planned.

4. Kanyakumari


This city marks the extreme south of the country. The tricolor sea with the rock memorial of Vivekananda and the statue Tiruvallur is the most famous tourist pull here.

Apart from this, you can appreciate nature, water activities, visits to the temple, agricultural life and many others. Thousands of travelers visit this beach every year to enjoy the sunset and other water activities. You can buy some shell memories here for your friends.

5. Rameshwaram


Rameshwaram is one of the sacred places in India and is located on a Pamban Island. It’s recognized for Ramanathaswamy Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site with bright corridors, huge sculpted pillars and sacred water tanks. According to the Hindu mythicism, this is the place where Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea to Sri Lanka.

If you are looking for the sun and sand of Goa, but you do not want to endure the grinding crowds that are part of the equation, this Rameshwaram beach home of less exploration is ideal for kayaking, snorkeling and all kinds of water sports, which make the most of the beautiful blue water. Once you’re done with swimming, take a trip to the nearby ghost town of Dhanushkodi, which was abandoned after a cyclone washed up on the ground in the 60s.

6. Hampi


The small town of Hampi is the most popular destination of the State of Karnataka. It was the capital city of the Vijayanagar Empire. Today, many of its ruins with beautiful ancient temples are still preserved, which are a World Heritage Site by Unesco and a fantastic backpacker atmosphere.

The Virpaksha and the Vittala temple are absolute highlights. At the Hanuman temple you have a beautiful view of Hampi, but there you have to climb six hundred steps. The adventurous traveler can also go rock climbing in Hampi.

7. Mysore


Mysore is a major destination in Karnataka. From Mysore palace to Chamundi Hills, this place has a lot of attractions for all types of tourists. Mysore Palace is the second most toured monument in the country after Taj Mahal.

You must visit Mysore during the celebration of Dusshera. Other main attractions to enjoy in Mysore are Chamundeswari Temple, Brindhavan Gardens, Santa Filomena Church, Chamarajendra Zoo and many others.

8. Hyderabad


The ancient part of Hyderabad represents the essence of ancient India, the iconic Charminar monument and old mosques, such as Mecca Masjid, rise imposingly on modest streets, evoking the glorious past of the city. Golconda Fort is another major monument. The influence of Mughlai culture is also apparent in the region’s unique cuisine, which includes Hyderabadi biryani and Hyderabadi haleem.

You will feel that you have just traveled to a Japanese neighborhood full of technology stores. If you do not have a lot of time, focus on the historic center and its beautiful architecture.

9. Caves of Ajanta and Ellora

Caves of Ajanta and Ellora

This is a set of caves with imposing Buddhist monuments and temples that were built in the year 600 by Buddhist monks. It is a beautiful destination for lovers of exploration, tourism, photography, culture, art and it is also an important pilgrim point.

The most important part of this destination is the Kailas temple in the Ellora caves. It was a remarkable tourist destination for the British rulers when India was under their control.

10. Varanasi


One of the earliest cities in the world inhabited continuously for more than 3000 years. It is one of the obligatory places if you want to know authentic India. Varanasi, the holy city of India, is also known as Kashi. For centuries, it is the place of Moksha for Hindus. The holy city is located on the banks of the Ganges River, which is considered to have the ability to wash away all sins of everyone. In Hinduism, it is also believed that those who die and are burned here get an early entrance to the liberation of the cycle of births and rebirths.

Although the city is known for its Ghats, temples, and music, other notable places in Kashi must be seen and experienced in their Varanasi expedition.

11. Darjeeling


If you are looking for honeymoon destinations, Darjeeling should be on your wish list. It is famous for the beauty of the landscape and natural attractions. It is a mountain station with breathtaking views, pleasant climate, mountain resorts, view of the sunrise, small architectural beauty, plantations, tourism activities and others.

Do not forget to try the tea from this place and visit Kanchenjunga, third highest peak in the world.

12. Jaipur


Jaipur is famous for numerous forts, palaces, museums and others. Starting from Hawa Mahal to Amer Fort. You can find a lot of architectural beauty in this city. This city is called as the City of Palaces. Apart from these, you can see a lot of temples, attractions of wildlife and others. It is a major tourist destination of Rajasthan.

It is also called as “pink city” by the tone of its buildings, the center of everything is the City Palace, where the old Indian royal family lives. The other draw is you can see the stars from Jantar Mantar; an astronomical observatory declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. And you can make beautiful treks here or go for a camel safari in the desert. This is also the place to spot tigers in one of the many nature reserves.

13. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, which is located in the city of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is not only a crucial visit of India, but it is one of those places that every traveler wants to visit. Its architectural beauty, museum, and garden attract a large number of tourists every year. As it is the symbol of love, many newlyweds also visit this monument.

Apart from these, Agra also has other tourist attractions such as Agra Fort, Sikandra, Ram Bagh and many others.

14. Golden Temple

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is the spiritual home of the Sikhs built in the late 16th century by the guru Arjan Singh of Sikh. This splendid temple rises supremely in the middle of an artificial lake and crowned by a golden dome with 750 kgs of gold. Inside the temple, a mystical atmosphere pervades as priests and devotees sing from the holy book of Sikh.

The best time to tour the golden temple is early in the morning when the first rays of the rising sun illuminate the bright golden domes and create stunning reflections in the waters of the Amrit Sarovar.

15. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The pleasant islands of Andaman and Nicobar are a perfect place for holidays. Surrounded by the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, the archipelago of the island is blessed with the best beaches in India.

Explore the historical parts in Port Blair, especially the cell prison. Pay a visit to Havelock and Neil Island for the best relaxing beaches. Do not miss the sun, swimming, diving, snorkeling, paragliding, bird watching and trekking to the tropical forests of the island. What is truly magical is, the islands only receive light showers in the season.

16. Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the Seven Wonders of India. This famous site is located in Konark in the Puri district in the state of Orissa. Built-in black granite by King Narasimhadeva-I in 1236-1264 AD. It is also known as Black Pagoda due to its structure built in black granite.

The magnificent Temple of the Sun attracts tourists from all over the world with its wonderful architecture that takes the form of Surya Dev with 24 wheels. The temple complex is heavily embellished with stone carving. A team of six horses propels the car. The temple symbolizes the remarkable passage of Surya Dev (God of the Sun).

17. Dharamsala


Dharamsala is a hill station in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh and the residence of Dalai Lama, it the number one reason to visit this place. In Dharamsala and the nearby McLeodganj, you will find an exciting mix of Tibetan and Indian culture.

It is also the starting point for wonderful trekkings in the wooded and mountainous surroundings. The Triund Hill trek is a must, and you can even camp on top of the mountain. It is an indescribable experience to see the sunrise in the Himalayas in the morning.

18. Manali


Manali is a village in northern India at more than 2000 meters above sea level. It is also an excellent place to go on outings, the forests around the town are beautiful and are made up of giant trees with huge waterfalls. There are also several sites with thermal waters.

It is not only a famous stopover for your trip to the natural beauty of Ladakh and Leh but also the place for adventure sports such as mountain climbing and paragliding. You will also find ski resorts where you can ski and snowboard in winter.

19. Ladakh


In the far north, wedged between the mighty Himalayas and the Karakoram Mountains, you will find bordering China and Pakistan, one of the most inhospitable areas of Asia.

Leh is the most touristic place in Ladakh, and here you can make trekkings through the breathtaking mountain landscape full of beautiful nature, interspersed with colorful temples, white stupas, and monasteries. The green valleys in the Nubra Valley are also worth a visit.

20. Kashmir


Srinagar is the capital city of the Kashmir with a vast lake in the middle, full of houseboats where you can stay, and it is renowned for its natural beauty, waterfronts, gardens, and houseboats. It is also admired for traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and dried fruits. A very recommendable experience is to spend a day in a boat cruising around the lake observing life in it.

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