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What To Do When Your Dreams Don’t Come True | AIB

Do you try so hard to achieve what you want and nothing? Do you feel you work hard, but you only see the time go by without reaching your goal?

And then you begin to wonder what am I doing wrong that I fail? You have no answer; you start thinking about your plan B, which is to throw it all away and move on to something else. And just thinking about that option frustrates you, you disappointed because it’s not what you wanted for your life.

Possibly one of your dreams is to have your own business, but you’re not sure how to do this, you say something like “if I do not get this, I’ll do from here,” that is working for other people. Or you want to attract your ideal partner, but as doubts to achieve this, then you settle for the first thing that comes to your life.


Create a plan B because you’re not sure what you want to achieve, maybe in your past, you have not seen other people do, or because they just do not trust your abilities. If you truly want to get that desire in your heart, you should not have a plan B. You must remove all your second choice, and the only option should be to reaching your goal after all.

Unfortunately, many people grow with the mentality of failure because since kids they made us believe we could not be that we wanted. For example when adults asked us “what you want to be when you grow up” and you answered “I want to be a big star,” and they told you “but that’s very complicated” better think of something else.

Don’t live to prove someone else wrong, but to prove yourself right!


What actually they were doing was busting his own fears and frustrations. And since you were a child, you believed in everything you said or listened.

When you’re an adult your mind is full of thoughts, memories and negative beliefs that limit you and every time you think about your dreams you say things like: It is very difficult, it will take a long time, what people will think, etc.

You hear this noise in your mind because you have seen things, heard and experienced negative things rather than positive, and over time, it has become usual to this way of thinking. You have to know that here is the source of your problems. All these thoughts are destroying your self-esteem, your dreams, and your happiness.

So what you need to do?


Change your thinking; your thoughts will become a reality, realize what process has not left you. Analyze your beliefs, memories, experiences, habits and negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

Get away from the toxic people who do not believe in you. If they are your family, just try to spend less time with them and begins to surround yourself with positive people over.

Once you get rid of these things, a new future is open to you, and you begin to attract people, new thoughts and things that will help you achieve what you want.

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  1. Thanks for your motivating article! You are right that we often look for excuses to not realize your dreams. One should face his fears, so that one does not regret it at some point!

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