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Why Sensitive People Are Natural Leaders | AIB

Sensitivity is probably the least valued quality in the world; it is frequently associated with fragility and weakness when in reality it is a tremendous strength.

Sensitive people are insightful and intelligent enough to recognize and understand their own emotions. They are also brave enough to display them in public. Many of us would prefer to live in denial than to admit our vulnerability. Because of this we never conquer our greatest internal fears and obstacles.

You can’t lead others if you don’t know yourself!

sensitive people

If you do not have an understanding of your inner workings and what motivates your decisions, then you will not be in a strong position to guide others. Finding yourself has to do with reaching an alliance with your emotions and what dictates them.

The world needs more sensitive souls since they are innately more self-aware and more empathetic. Individuals with these qualities are natural leaders because they have high emotional intelligence and understand both themselves and others, which is a product of their sensitivity.

Being a leader is not about getting a specific position, it is defined by whether or not you can make the people around you feel a little less lost and disoriented in the journey of life. But you cannot help others find their way through life if you still do not discover yours.

Poor leadership is a consequence of insecurity, lack of authenticity and a closed mind. These qualities often cause people to turn cruel towards others. When you do not understand or like yourself, the people around you become the scapegoat.

sensitive people

That’s why sensitive people have an extreme advantage in this aspect since they have a deep understanding of their emotions and their identity. This is precisely why they are better prepared to be leaders.

Great leaders are good listeners, they listen with empathy, and sincerely try to put themselves in each other’s shoes. Consequently, they build trust, alleviate discontent and help catalyze solutions to various problems and grievances.

There is a lot of proof that shows that employees are more satisfied when they have compassionate and empathetic bosses. Correspondingly, studies show that happy employees are more productive, creative and collaborative. In other words, exemplary leadership is universally beneficial.

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