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Declutter Your Life: How Do I Get My Life Organized? | AIB

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Organizing is not an easy task. But having a good plan is the only possibility to give consistency to our time and our business or area of ​​responsibility, taking it to a higher level. Without proper organization, time slips between our fingers, making it impossible to take advantage of our own and team resources.

We should always follow the rule of one thing at a time, even though collecting the documentation of the previous work clearing the work area for the new task. Keep in mind that efficiency is based on the flexibility with which you change the subject, and dedicating 10 minutes every day at the end of the day to plan next day’s tasks according to importance and urgency.


On the other hand, organizing the work and efficiency through your agenda, keeping a plan improves our ability in the organizing work and in time management. It frees us from the worry of trying to remember what we have to do in the next few hours, being able to focus on what is relevant in each moment. It is essential that you check the agenda frequently so that the system works.

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It is essential that your business or area of ​​responsibility is not paralyzed by the illness of a member of your team, and that you can go on vacation knowing that your staff will know what to do just by looking in a folder. Prepare checklists with your team to ensure the proper functioning of the processes of your business or area of ​​responsibility.

Organizing work is fundamental to the success of any project or business. Use all means at your fingertips starting with the agenda and order, focus on one thing at a time, and more in-depth review your system or management systems and establish the usual processes to improve them afterward. Success is not achieved only with exceptional qualities. It is above all a work of constancy, method, and organization.

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