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How to make Chocolate Yogurt Cake – Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipe | AIB

The chocolate cake is a classic pastry that never goes out of style. Besides being one of the most beloved desserts among sweet lovers, it is usually easy to prepare even for those newly initiated in the art of cooking.

The best thing to opt for this dessert is that the chocolate cake lends itself to multiple variants since it can be made only with the star ingredient: cocoa. Today we propose one of the richest easy-to-prepare chocolate cake recipes. So, chocolate lovers from all over the world put on your apron and enjoy!

Ingredients to make Chocolate Yogurt Cake:

  • 1 natural yogurt (125 gr)
  • 3 eggs
  • Flour (2 measures of yogurt)
  • Cocoa powder (1 measure of yogurt)
  • Sugar (2 measures of yogurt)
  • Seed and olive oil (1 measure of yogurt between the two). If you like to see the oil in the final taste, add more olive oil than seeds, but if you prefer to be more discreet, do it the other way around
  • 1 packet of baking powder (16 gr)
  • Butter to spread the mold


Chocolate Yogurt Cake

Empty the yogurt in a small bowl to be able to use its container from the first moment. Preheat the oven to 180º during these 1o minutes that you will dedicate approximately to elaborate the dough.

In a large bowl, add the two measures of sugar and eggs, and mix them thoroughly, add the oil and yogurt, and continue stirring so that the mixture is homogeneous, without lumps.

Now, place a colander right on top of the bowl and add the measures of yeast and flour, so that they pass through the sieve. This process is called sieving that allows these dry ingredients are added to the mixture without lumps. Finish mixing everything, that all the ingredients are perfectly integrated.

Add the chosen quantity of cocoa, and mix well with the rest of the ingredients. You’ll see that your sponge cake will automatically take a very dark color, and if you try mixing it a bit with your finger, you’ll see how delicious it is.

Spread the mold with butter; you can do it with your finger. It is recommended that the butter has been a few minutes out of the fridge, or if it is too hard, add a small amount of it in a glass in the microwave for just 5 seconds, and you will have it ready to saturate the walls of the mold with ease.

Pour the dough into the mold and place it in the oven, at an average height, and keep that temperature at 180º for about 30 minutes.

Make the stick test: stick the cake with a toothpick, and if it comes out without glue, it is ready. Turn off the oven, take out the cake and let it rest.


Unmold the sponge passing a knife by the edge and taking it off the walls, and you will not have much difficulty. Serve it when it has cooled, and accompany it with a few pieces of white chocolate or whatever you like, you’ll see how fluffy and delicious.

Time: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

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