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5 Last-Minute Tips For Job Interview Preparation | AIB

The clock is ticking; the interview is imminent. A present date hardly leaves anyone completely cold, especially if you want a job. With the letter to the job interview is already a big step closer to the possible dream job. No matter how the conversation ends, you can just pat yourself on the back and be happy that you have made it so far.

And in the end, it’s always people who decide, both on the employer’s side and on the candidate side. But what’s the point of the job interview and how can you increase your chances at the last minute? Answers to these question can be found in the 5 last-minute tips before the interview.

1. Check your social media profile


Believe it or not, almost every candidate is googled at least once during the application process, or at least on Facebook, Even if you do not have any misleading or embarrassing party photos in your virtual photo album, your own online profile can still hurt you.

Look at them critically and with the eyes of a stranger and consider how much and, above all, which part of your personality you wish to disclose publicly.

2. Carry all necessary documents

job interview

Regardless of whether you have sent the application by mail or e-mail to the company – you should never appear empty-handed for an interview. So carry all necessary or possibly required documents carefully. A folder protects the records from crumbling.

3. The mirror check

Not only CV and official testimony, but also your clothes should be wrinkle-free. A look in the mirror reveals whether the suit is still sitting, or you may have already worn out. Clothes are known to make people, and you do yourself a favor.

4. Research about job before attending interview

job interview

Research about the job to get more information about the targeted employer is the task in advance. Because only if you know what to get involved in, you can prepare well for a job interview. Also, it is essential to know precisely where and to whom you have to – it is best to note the name and phone number of the contact person in the company.

5. What do I want?


The last step is to be very specific about what you really want. This is also about preparing for sensitive issues, such as those about the future promotion and salary.

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