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Top 10 Best Tech Gadgets and Devices of 2017 | AIB

Tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others are evenly finding new ways to improve their products, either with new hardware designs, software enhancements or even solely new products that we could not even imagine.

Regarding gadgets and appliances, 2017 was a year of many changes. And thinking about it, AIB created a list in which we elect the top 10 electronic devices this year that it’s almost over. Check it below.

1. Nintendo Switch!


Since the development of the first video game consoles, players had to choose between games in front of a TV or holding a tiny screen in hands. But things are not well with the Nintendo Switch, the first console that is designed for entertainment at home and on the street.

The switch consists of a tablet with a screen 6.2 inches with slots for attaching the controllers Joy-Con on each side, turning it into a mobile game console, when you are at home you can slide the tablet in a dock that fits into your TV and run it like a traditional console.

This approach of “playing anywhere and anytime,” combined with a list of fantastic games such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, makes Switch a real success in the gamer world.

2. Xbox One X!

If you are not convinced that the days of buying big and bulky consoles to get the best gaming performance ceased. I think the Xbox One X. The newest console from Microsoft includes incredible six teraflops and support games in native 4K, all within an elegant package.

All these attributes make the console of choice for players who want the performance and also want a lower price than a gamer PC high performance.

3. DJI Spark!

The DJI drone is a big step toward becoming the most accessible and most convenient drones for ordinary users. The appeal highlighted by the spark that it does not require a remote control for navigation. To control it, just touch the button on the back of the drone twice, and prepare it to get out of the palm of your hand.

Of course, the Spark does not always work perfectly, but its size and simplicity are significant differentials.

4. Amazon Echo! 

Virtual assistants like Siri have been around for a few years, but they only began to stand out to the first Amazon Echo launched in 2014. Three years later, the successor of the original Amazon Echo improves the first release of many essential behaviors. The design is shorter and more attractive, the improved speaker includes a woofer and tweeter and, most importantly, is noticeably cheaper.

All these improvements should help keep Amazon at the top of the smart devices for voice-controlled market compared to rivals such as Google and Microsoft.

5. Apple iPhone X!

We know, it is costly. And yes, you probably will not get your hands on one soon. Still, the facial recognition system, iPhone X undoubtedly define a new standard for the phones. The system Face ID Apple is now being used more creatively than facial identification technology from third-party Samsung.

This, combined with a sharp camera, long battery life, and large screen, make the Apple iPhone a top choice X to any other in the smartphone market.

6. Microsoft Surface Laptop!

Between its light and elegant design, refined screen, and durable battery, Laptop Surface is a solid choice for those looking for a new windows computer.

Owning the Windows 10, Microsoft is mostly trying to bring Windows machines what Google did for Chromebooks. It makes the easiest software to enable faster performance and better security. Fortunately, for those who find the Windows 10 S too restrictive, can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro in Surface Laptop for free for a limited time.

7. Samsung Galaxy S8!

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have set the standard for smartphones in 2017. Maybe it was not the first phone with an almost borderless screen, but the uniquely curved display Galaxy S8 indeed become the most attractive phone of the year.

Not to mention its OLED display, which is best you could find on a mobile phone. Samsung also made a great effort to simplify the phone software.

8. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic!

The SNES Classic comes loaded with 21 retro titles, including Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Past, Donkey Kong Country and the original Star Fox 2.

Everything from the games to the way the controls sit on your hands is just as in the 1990s. In October, according to research company NPD, it was almost impossible to find some on sale since the launch in September.

9. Sony Alpha III A7R!

Owning notable improvements over its predecessor and a lower price than the Sony Alpha A9, the new Sony Alpha A7R III  is one of the best mirrorless cameras that already made and with a very affordable price.

The device can shoot at twice the resolution of the A9 and an autofocus twice faster than A7R II, although the A9 offers a faster burst shooting. Still, the lowest price and the highest performance are probably more than enough to impress professional and novice photographers.

10. Apple Watch 3!

Finally, the last smartwatch of Apple lastly allows you to leave your phone at home. By owning the technology LTE, you can receive calls and texts on the wrist even when your phone is out of reach. The Apple Watch the third generation also has a faster processor and a new barometric altimeter to measure activities.

The Apple Watch is not intended to replace your phone, but the freedom to leave your phone at home when you go for a walk or run, it can be enough to persuade skeptics that Apple Watch worth it.

So, are you interested in any of the products listed above? You can find a lot of them in the leading electronics stores in India, both physical and online, but never forget to search the prices when doing Christmas shopping this year.

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