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Review: Star Wars Battlefront II is Grand and Limited | AIB

 Star Wars is one of the most beloved and admired film franchises around the world, which has managed to grow thanks to hundreds of books, comics, series, and video games, and continues its expansion with Star Wars Battlefront II, a title of EA that seeks to cover the space between Episode VI and VII. ElectronicArts tries to redeem itself from the not so good reception that Star Wars Battlefront had two years ago with a sequel that includes a story mode, spaceships fights, and a reshaped multiplayer mode to resemble its franchise that fans desired more than 12 years.

Thirty years passed between the events of Episode VI and VII; the First Order emerged from the ashes of the Empire, and Leia Organa abandoned her title of Princess to become General of the Resistance and return to battle against the wicked. But if you wonder what happened between these two films, you can live it on StarWarsBattlefront II in the role of Commander in Inferno Squadron.

In charge of the Inferno Squadron, you must enter Endor to defend the generator of the shield that is protecting the Death Star, but, as the story is already written, the Death Star falls with the Emperor. After a couple of missions Order 66 style, you’ll start to wonder if the Empire is truly the answer, getting to change sides and join the Resistance, where you fight next to great characters like Leia, Han, Lando, among others.

If I were asked to name the development and creation of Story Mode for Star Wars Battlefront II, it would be easy to summarize it by saying that it is RogueOne made in a video game. It has just the exact amount of action, stealth, romance and mystery that characterized the delivery of the big screen. The growth of the characters and their interactions with the great heroes is worthy of the franchise that so many have admired for years.

And not only the story follows the same steps as the franchise, but it is also accompanied by a grand musical arrangement that resembles the great work created by the composer John Williams, who has been present in every film to create a great musical atmosphere. In addition to this, you can enjoy great classics within the game that will mesmerize the fans of the franchise.

And to end with the great successes of the title, ElectronicArts also complements the great atmosphere with some graphics that will make you believe that you are in the movies, visiting places from Endor to the MazKanata canteen. But not only did they show off in the creation of the levels, but also the characters follow very similarly what we have seen on the screen. Except for the small creative freedom that they have taken as they get older and present a perfect image of what could be a Han Solo or Luke 10 or 20 years before the events of Episode VII.

Here it comes much to surprise because of the significant problems that EA has displayed with its Frostbite engine, which has not been well stopped in titles such as FIFA, MassEffect: Andromeda, etc …, but it shows that they could not fail in such an outstanding franchise as is Star Wars.

Unfortunately, not all is good news for EA as it fails to integrate all the aspects that Battlefront fans expected for this release, and this mainly affects the multiplayer mode. Among the main changes, we see the return of fights in spaceships, a restructuring of the Heroes system, and the introduction of a progressive system that has not pleased everyone due to the use of microtransactions.

Until now, EA had closely followed the steps of the CoD franchise in several aspects, including the new multiplayer modes, but reaching this point is completely derailed. Assault mode, which is the primary multiplayer mode, is to make a series of objectives to achieve victory over the opposing team. But it quickly sinks to become incredibly repetitive due to the repetition of game modes and the maps contain several points in which the defenders obtain a great advantage due to the bad design of the maps. In addition to this, the class system does not get a big change within the games, and the mode of progress is almost nonexistent since it asks for a certain number of assassinations per weapon instead of experience by levels.

As for the other game modes, despite marking the return of one and trying to get close with fans of another, they are extremely affected by the system of microtransactions that EA introduced in this edition to get rid of the DLC of pay. Although the return of the aerial fights feels bland by itself because there is no agility and fluidity like the Battlefront II of 12 years ago, the entrance of the microtransactions makes it even more unbearable. Facing players with advantages of 20% more damage, 25% more life, and better mobility only because it obtained improvements through microtransactions, is something merely unimaginable considering that the game already has a cost of USD 60.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Keep Playing or Keep Paying?

The implementation of loot boxes in this game is merely a complete disaster, where the planning of EA and its high experience in economic models to sustain a game disappear entirely and mess up in this installment. I am not against the use of microtransactions, but the way in which it was implemented in this title manages to convert it, to a certain extent, into a Pay-To-Win.

Star Wars Battlefront II is a great game as long as you stay stupefied by the grand construction that EA achieved in the Story Mode, but once the 6-7 hours have passed, you’ll have to dive into the multiplayer modes if you want to get the most out of them. You paid USD 60 for the title, and I assure you that you will not find another place as full of evil and vileness as it is the multiplayer mode of Star Wars Battlefront II.

So if you are enthusiasts of the franchise, the only reason why you have to buy this title is the story mode, and you will have to treat the multiplayer mode as an extra or just do not take it. If you want to give it a try, but you are warned that it is not recommended and it only remains to tell you that the force is with you.

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An outstanding shooter game thanks to its excellent gameplay and a huge amount of content (Campaign, Multiplayer, and Arcade), so, despite the fact that the loot box system weighs the proposal, it is a magnificent game.

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