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Movie Review: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle | AIB

If you are looking to disconnect, here is an undemanding film with the viewer that gives you the opportunity to laugh out loud. Jumanji marked a generation of spectators and this direct and late sequel, Jumanji: welcome to the jungle, seeks to open its universe to a new audience without tracing the original, something that is appreciated.

It should be noted that the first news we had of this project were very different: Sony was planning a remake, but the reception of the fans was very negative, to which was added the death of Robin Williams in 2014 that put the idea behind.

So, how has a third change been given? The four-handed script by Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers (involved in Spider-Man Homecoming and Batman: the LEGO movie), Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinker, updates the game by turning the board game into a video game and exploiting its narrative characteristics, something that will make special grace to the public gamers. Players have a certain number of “lives,” there are kinematics, non-functional characters.


 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle does not tarnish the memory of Jumanji, is respectful of the internal rules invented, and reinvents the game with imagination.

The official synopsis of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle presents us how the mysterious and lethal Jumanji game reappears more than twenty years later. Four teenagers are introduced to this new adventure, now from a video game that serves as a portal through space-time. Absorbed by the world of Jumanji, a game that cannot be abandoned until the game ends, the young will face rhinos, snakes and an infinite variety of traps in the jungle.

This very characteristic resource of the adolescent comedy that of the character that ends up in a foreign body allows a rereading of ‘Jumanji’ that also fits with one of the contemporary meanings of the playful practice that of adopting other identities. Whether in virtual reality, role-playing games, video games or even through the ‘cosplay.’ The comic gear, consequently, injects a dose of humor to the ‘Jumanji.’

Through the game, the protagonists end up exploring new horizons of their own identity that had not been raised from the roles imposed in their regular lives. Of course, Jack Black as the cute girl locked in the bones of a cartographer is the one who gives more comic bellows to the subject, especially when he starts to feel attracted to Alex, the young man who got lost in Jumanji in the nineties.

In this game the shy Spencer (Alex Wolff) will be a muscular conqueror, the athlete Fridge (Ser’Darius Blain) will be a diminutive zoologist, the fashionable girl Bethany (Madison Iseman) will be a chubby know-it-all teacher, and the clumsy Martha (Morgan Turner) will become an Amazon warrior. Together they will have to complete the mission to return and continue with their lives.

Regarding the Special and Visual Effects!


Well, I think we have reached a point that as a rule we can be and see anything without, sometimes, we can see if they are real or not. Both landscapes and creatures and objects. In the film does not clash anything beyond his fantasy. And that is very good news.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle seems quite aware that it has little to offer: nothing is memorable beyond the seal of quality that the cast gives it. In this sense, Jack Black shines with his muscular partner Dwayne Johnson. Also, the film is so white that admits a family viewing. In other words: it opens at the right time, in the middle of the Christmas season, when it will have the chance to justify something at the box office.

One of the biggest attractions to see this new installment of ‘Jumanji,’ and I must say that Johnson does not disappoint, and goes from less to more, as the action, culminating with a great final stretch.


It is worth spending a couple of hours to the film even though the action in the first installment of Jumanji was electric and even overwhelming, they made the stampedes a moment of pure emotion, and here that re-appears! This fact is what allows ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’ to become a very effective and enjoyable comedy, betting on a very functional mood, with some background, and resulting in one of the best family adventure films that 2017 has left us.

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Aftermath of the homonymous film of 1995 that was carried out by Robin Williams and that will center its plot in a group of explorers who will travel until a mysterious jungle to find one of the most famous table games of the history: Jumanji.


  1. Great Review – A good adaptation of Jumanji with a perfect twist of the 21st century context. Humour was finely balanced with the action; keeping you at your feet throughout the movie. The Johnson-Hart Duo never fails to amaze me and that definitely kept the movie going.

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