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How to Stop the Impostors Affecting Your Career | AIB

 Impostors like to make a grand entrance to meetings, but action rarely follows their words. Nevertheless, they make it through working life – sometimes even highly successful. No problem as long as your career does not suffer. If you do, you should do something about it.

If your colleague presents one big idea after the other and then gets stuck with the work on others, then you’re dealing with an impostor. They are masters of self-marketing, not always completely honest, and sometimes they do it with a minimal effort to the pretty top. So, we are listing out five signs that you are dealing with an impostor and how you can react to it:

1. Master of the subjunctive!
We should / we could: The impostors bring suggestions and ideas in such a way that it flourishes as little work as possible. Of course, not everyone who presents an insight to the team in a reserved and cautious manner is an impostor. But with the impostor, you can be sure that he does not act on his own after phrases like “In this area, we could get involved.”

You can do that: Respond immediately and take him into the duty: “Great idea! Would you like to gather some data and see what would be possible? “

2. Your laurels are my laurels!

A good impostor prefers successes as his. Of course, a skillful impostor does not do this in front of a team, but in between when meeting with the boss: a brief remark on the way to the car or in the lift is enough for him to secure his position.

You can do that: Jump over your shadow and also bring successes up regularly. Either in an official setting or you do it like your impostor colleague, and in between times you think that your project went very well.

3. Please, no questions!

The impostor knows everything and also knows everyone. In discussions, therefore he will not try to mention that he already worked on a very similar project five years ago or has contacts with city politics. In fact, it was not his project, but that of his neighbor in the office, and the contact is only a friend of his sister’s husband, whom he once met.

That’s what you can do: If colleague blows whiskers over and over again, just hack each time. Ask specialist questions or ask if he does not even want to introduce you to his valuable contacts or if you would like to get on board for cooperation.

4. Changing opinions!

The impostor will keep changing his mind, though, on an ongoing basis and depend on which approach gives him benefits at the moment. In the circle of colleagues, he is against the new office furniture, before the boss then suddenly for it. Yesterday the project was still doomed to failure, today suddenly a terrific idea. The constant change of direction is troublesome for all concerned, and one never knows what one can expect from an impostor.

You can do that: Observe in which direction the impostor’s mind is developing and if you or your work are affected: Inquiring and understanding where the sudden change of direction is. If there is a plausible reason, the impostor can justify it.

5. Big Ego!

Impostor is charming and often give generous compliments. They appear charismatic and know how to get others on their side. “You are simply unbeatable in creating presentations. Can you take a look at my mine and perhaps improve it? ” Can you refuse someone a favor that has just sprinkled flowers on you?

What can you do: a serious compliment or targeted slime? Listen carefully if the impostor flatters you. The fine art here: Do not be paranoid, because even whiskers sometimes distribute serious compliments.

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