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5 Enemies of Success You Must Avoid At All Costs | AIB

All of us undergo notable and trivial life challenges. How we handle these strifes on a daily basis determines our physical, as well as our mental well-being. It takes only a single event to prove us that we have no control over our success.

Challenges have a direct involvement in defining our objective in life. If only we could find the support that there was a plan or reason for the hurdles we face. Sometimes these challenges are our work, while other times we come imposed by circumstances of life. Finally, when you get success, some adversaries will follow that you should avoid altogether.

Here are five enemies of success to be avoided at all costs:

1. Complacency!

Complacency is one of the significant enemies of success to be avoided at all costs. Sometimes we settle for what we already have, and we decided to stay in our comfort zone. However, success is a journey, not a destination.

You can achieve your goals and objectives, but never forget that there is always higher mountains to climb and more challenging to cope with obstacles.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that we can always do more. People assume that the first achievement of material benefits, i.e., money or power is enough to sustain rest of their lives.

There is always someone who will come after you willing to work harder for less pay. So you have to try to be the best at what you do and never settle. It is necessary to keep alive the fire if you want to keep on track towards lasting success.

2. Lack of resources!


The vast majority of successful people also face huge problems in life. However, they have the mental resources needed to address them. Conversely, others complain that their failures are the result of the lack of material resources like money.

The presence or absence of material resources is not the primary determinant of success. Wisdom is the essential element that separates winners from losers. The ability to do the best with what you have and manipulate situations and circumstances in your favor is a critical success factor.

3. Ego!

Ego is another ruthless enemy that can hinder your progress and success in life. Believe that it is infallible or invincible after achieving some success is a trap that catches many people. The problem with a developing ego is that, at the time you realize, it’s too late.

Ego will lead to failure and destruction, the main problem with your ego is that you can not see beyond their immediate circumstances. The ego will not allow you to see the full picture, and therefore increases the chances of failure. The freedom from the tyranny of the ego, you can see things from different perspectives and come up with solutions that are realistic.

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4. Loss of concentration!


When most people achieve success, they have become the envy of their peers. At that time, many decide to expand and diversify their interests and activities. As a result of this dispersion, many people are unable to make any significant impact on any task. That is an important issue for many successful people.

To avoid this, you need to stay focused and be dedicated to tasks that indeed involve a significant change in your life.

5. Fear of the unknown!


Having achieved some success, many people avoid taking higher risks. They get used to their new situation and create a comfort zone where you do not take risks.

The truth is that everyone has fear and self – doubt occasionally, it is a part of life. A little voice in your head tells you “has gone far enough, do not move or you could lose everything.” That is the voice of fear. Little mental things that make you doubt yourself. Everyone has heard that cry at one time or another.

However, the action builds confidence and fear kills. The only way to silence the voice of fear and doubt in your life is to act with courage and trust your instincts.

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