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Spare The Air: Causes and Effects of Air Pollution | AIB

Air pollution affects all physical beings; this severe problem can become fatal if not prevented in communities. That is why today we decided to bring you all the information you need to know about the consequences of air pollution, as well as what their types, it can affect your health and some tips to keep you healthy.

What is Air Pollution?

It is a phenomenon affecting all living beings; it is small particles or molecules that spread through the air, turning toxic environments in which we coexist without realizing it.

The regions are exposed to industrial areas are much more affected by this problem, large cities with high traffic emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere that generates halos polluting smoke, these halos of smoke we breathe unknowingly.

Some gases may also go unnoticed by the atmosphere in combination with contaminant particles become a more significant threat to humanity. Sometimes these substances can give off a bad odor to the environment and destroy all plants that are part of our system.

Types of Air Pollution!

Air pollution can be classified according to two types of pollutants, the gaseous pollutants found in different dimensions and concentration, the most common is carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Companies and cars discharge these gases.

Also, the use of several cleaning products at home can be air polluting factors. The properties are under construction usually emit dust that easily adheres to the lungs; such contamination creates the famous “smog” it is nothing but the entire combination of pollutants being penetrated by sunlight, giving a gray appearance to the atmosphere.

On the other hand, there are contaminants in aerosol formats What is an aerosol? It is the heterogeneous mixture of particles with gas, may serve for cleaning copies of such products ironically are herbicides, deodorant sprays, all kinds of poison pests dispersed aerosol, even beauty products such as lacquers and fixatives.

These types of contaminants tend to be more lethal to health because we usually have direct contact with them, everyday products as mentioned above should be used with caution.

What are the leading causes of Air Pollution?

Here we give you a detailed list of causes of air pollution, so you have a more graphic example of this problem:

  • Large and small industries: Any industry that manipulates chemicals and concentrates in the production of its products becomes a pollutant.
  • Fuel: This type of energizers are used in most automobiles worldwide, the liquid substance meets its life process must be expelled the surplus through the combustion of the mobile, called carbon dioxide.
  • The chemical industry: Major chemical industries have chimneys that make gases thereof are expelled into the atmosphere, in turn, liquid contaminants are removed unconsciously by around the same as to evaporate the gases rising towards air, being twice contaminants.
  • Trash: This is another problem affecting environmental pollution, these wastes are very difficult to remove, so nations concentrate all the rubbish of its inhabitants in one place, place of extreme danger to all living things, rotting garbage emanates all kinds of lethal gases to humans.
  • Fire: Fires are one of the biggest air pollutants, caused intentionally or by nature and climatic conditions have the same risk factors, the smoke that emanates fires quickly suffocates people and other living beings leaving them lifeless in a matter of minutes.
  • Methane: This substance occurs readily due to its origin, emanates through the decaying fruit and is a flammable gas, so places with large concentrations of methane can be dangerous and initiators fire.

What factors affect Health?

Any environmental pollutant will affect your health implicitly or not, so you should be cautious about the places you frequent and the visible pollution or smog that surrounds it. If you live in the city, you are probably a prospect to suffer from all types of respiratory conditions. Of course, unconsciousness will affect your lifestyle, so we recommend you regularly get advise on these types of topics.

Tips to consider to prevent Air Pollution!

Now that you know what the threats or consequences of air pollution are, you should know some tips to prevent it:

Be a good citizen!

Reflect good moral values ​​as a citizen, be aware of your waste, about the cosmetics you use and where they are going after their use. Being a good citizen means to be an example to others on ways to deposit waste in the appropriate places, and inform others about the dangers that people living near industries undergo.

We all want to look impeccable, but if we add more natural products to our daily life, we ​​will probably take better care of our respiratory system.

Educate your children!

Finally, do not forget to teach values ​​to your children, make them responsible and committed to the environment. This does not mean that you have to impose extreme rules that do not let you develop their skills such as forbidding them to go out into the field to play, the idea is to know how to teach them the distinction between good and bad.

We hope this article has shown consequences and recommendations of air pollution have been to your liking; since such data will be helpful for generating awareness among the people, being possible to work through the distribution of this entry through your social networks.

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