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10 Reasons Owning a Cat Makes You Happier & Healthier | AIB

Our furry feline friends are not only a different hair and adorable but apparently, help us with our health and mood. People who have pets know the benefits they give us, help us to prevent allergies in children, prevents the disease from respiratory infections, improves our mood besides our self – esteem, something that is very true that cats are animals very peculiar.

AIB will give you all the information about these beautiful animals, so if you’re a cat lover, you can not miss our post, which is written with all the love for these beautiful pussycats.

10 Reasons, why you need to have a cat at home!

1. Healthy Heart!

According to scientific studies, it has shown that cat owners are less likely to die from heart attacks. People who have a pet pussycat experience a 30% reduction in heart attacks. So there is nothing better for a healthy heart and of course others of a balanced diet, to have an adorable kitten.

2. Restful Sleep!

No animal values a day without taking naps, not to mention that they sleep with each position which causes is laughter, studies show that a nap in the afternoon can activate your alertness, memory, creativity, productivity and good humor. Get at least 20 minutes a day and share a short nap with your beloved puss.

3. No Failure!

The cats have a unique spirit of resilience; they show us that mistakes do not prevent us from finding the long-term success, and teach us. Because no animal comes out unharmed fall, undoubtedly they have won their famous saying, cats have seven lives.

4. The Purr as a Natural Painkiller!

Many studies have shown that the purring of your cat can help reduce stress levels and blood pressure, the frequency of purring is considered very helpful for a variety of diseases, probably not more affection to your cat, for the sake of health.

5. Live in the Moment!

Something that is not characterized by all cats is stress, on the other hand, animals very calm and relaxed. If you have a cat, you can see it by a look at the world from a window, so mildness that we must confess awakens envy, live in constant meditation with the world, something we should imitate more often.

6. Stand up PussyCat!

If we look at the funny videos, the first places are cats in trouble or attitudes that can not go unnoticed. It has been shown in scientific studies that laughter strengthens our heart and immune system, So having a cat at home will be beneficial for your body. Enjoy your pussycat and laughs as ever.

7. Strategy!

We see our cat in the house looking around as if studying the details of everything, every place and even as we observed, in particular, is as if able to read our deepest thoughts. Cats have the characteristic of making strategy, they choose their battles, have sharp movements that help them perform activities that we wish we could do, cats are good to awaken in us a lot of admiration.

8. Cats help People with Autism!

Pets are beneficial to help people with special conditions, Such as seeing – eye dogs serve, and in therapies for people with autism. But cats are very useful for people with this type of weave, as studies have shown that petting a cat generates a change in the increased production of oxytocin, the hormone helps increase levels of trust and love. We can not deny that cats are captivating.

9. Depression Reliever!

Petting a cat not only relieves stress but also improves our mood and also gives a positive distraction much needed in people suffering from depression, where we hold first responsibility and social activities. Cats are gentle and peaceful animals, which could help their owners by their free spirit.

10. No more Loneliness!

Having a pet especially a cat, get us away from that feeling of loneliness that we feel at some point in our lives. At the end of our day, when we come home they come to us, and that makes us feel that someone loves us and is glad to see us, we are happy to have a cat.

Remember that pets are part of our family, we care for them and love them, respect them and above all have them under a lot of responsibility, since they depend on us for many things, responsible ownership is extremely important. Adopt do not buy!

I hope you liked this article, and I ask you to leave your comments and suggestions down, see you!

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