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What is Self-Confidence and How to Improve It | AIB

Self-confidence is essential in almost every aspect of our lives, but many people find it problematic to find the necessary confidence. Unfortunately, it is a vicious circle: people with low self-confidence tend to find it extremely difficult to improve it.

A person without self-confidence puts limits on himself and always runs with the limitations. The fear of failure and the lack of perseverance in the face of difficulties are the elements that go hand in hand. But the good news self-confidence can be built, trained and worked, the success of a person is proportional to the strength with which it believes in itself and its capabilities.

What is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence a sign of self-esteem and a basis for motivation, it is an attitude that exerts a positive influence on the personal development and the relationship with others. It helps to attain a satisfactory life in which we feel comfortable with our achievements.

People who trust themselves inspire confidence in others: their audience, their peers, their bosses, their clients, their friends and their family. Gaining the trust of others is one of the keys through which a person with high self-confidence achieves success in their life.

People who have a high self-confidence see problems as challenges and persist despite possible obstacles. It is in this way that people with high self-esteem always achieve their goals, however challenging they may be. Self-confidence makes us stronger, more apt to inspire confidence and more capable of influencing others.

Learn to Know Yourself and Visualize Your Goal!

Each person is different, and the reasons why you do not trust yourself enough is the first thing you must know to be able to move towards the change. Through the identification and analysis of the emotions you feel when you think about yourself, you will get the first key to working your self-confidence. That goes hand in hand with self-esteem, so think about yourself and try to describe yourself.

Once you have managed to capture a summary of yourself in writing, I ask you to redo it. This time, based on your previous text, describe the person you want to become. For each negative characteristic, it poses a positive one. With this summary in hand, you have your imagined goal. Save this inscription and check it whenever you feel weakness or insecurity. Keeping your goal in view, you will be stronger to take each step towards your final goal.

Before embarking on your path to change, ask yourself when you want it to occur: in what contexts do you need to increase your self-confidence? How should I adapt my self-confidence in different situations?

How to Build your Self-Confidence?

It is completely normal and human to feel insecure in difficult or unknown situations as a result of uncertainty and incompetence. Since we cannot act on the uncertainty of novel situations, we will have to work on the competence in these previously unknown areas.

One of the remedies for overcoming insecurity and increasing our self-confidence is to develop our skills to face the various challenges of social and professional life. When a person recognizes himself as competent, he does not cultivate feelings of incapacity or allow himself to be paralyzed by fear.

Competition favors self-confidence, you do not reach the maximum by doing the minimum. Without effort, there is no competition, and without competition, there is no self-confidence.

Try things you do not think possible!

Will I get it or not? That is probably the first question that comes to mind when you pose a challenge that seems impossible. The answer is: It does not matter.

No matter the result, trying is itself getting: you will acquire new skills, and you will love yourself more for the simple fact of fighting. And if I fail? Does not matter at all, failures are necessary to improve. Focus on everything you have achieved on your way to reaching your goal.

Every petty task needs some amount of self-confidence and each of those tasks, in turn, gives us an opportunity to enhance our confidence. 

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