Wednesday, September 18, 2019

This Creepy AI Tool Can Make Any Image Into 3D – Including Your Selfies | AIB

The 3D technology for smartphones is growing steadily. For example, such is the case of the Phogy mobile application, which manages to turn the cell phone into a tool for capturing 3D images, although it is demanded to have the best pulse for few seconds in the world to maintain the camera button tight without any movement.

But now, we can convert even old photos into a new 3d image. And this is because scientists from the University of Nottingham and the University of Kingston have developed a technology capable of producing a 3D facial reconstruction from a single 2D image.

If you desire to use this 3D face reconstruction technology, visit this website for the online demo. On this site, you can also see conversion made to several photos, some of the well-known characters such as former President Barack Obama. Also, upload your color selfie so that the artificial intelligence (AI) of the system transforms it in moments in an image that jumps off the screen.

More than 550,000 users have already made use of the system. 


The research, reported by Nottingham in a statement, is entitled “Large 3D facial reconstruction from a single image via Volumetric Direct Regression by CNN (Convolutional Neural Network or Convolutional Neural Network), an area of AI that employs machine learning to empower computers the ability to learn without programming them necessarily a stimulus.

Although the technology mentioned above is at a very early stage in its development, the scientists who are working with it maintain that this technique could improve facial recognition systems and emotions. This tech can be used to optimize surveillance platforms, research or even customize computer games, enhance the augmented reality and, in the field of medicine, simulate the results of reconstructive surgeries. 

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