Friday, November 22, 2019

Team Signify Roster Updated | AIB

Team Signify has time and again proved to be India’s most sought-after Dota 2 team and is announcing a roster update.

Signify’s current team includes Raunak Sen (‘Crowley’), Moin Ejaz (No Chanc3) and Balaji Ramnarayan (‘BlizzarD’). Joining them at Team Signify are Omkar Urunkar (Pasoll) and Dhvanit Negi (Negi). Omkar is a maverick who previously captained Team Aggressive 5. Led by his cool demeanor, Pasoll will be playing in Position 5 player sharing the support responsibilities with NO_Chanc3. Negi, also an ex-Aggressive 5 team member, is a promising newcomer to the Indian Dota 2 circuit and will be playing at Position 3 for Team Signify.

The new active roster is as follows:

•    Balaji Ramnarayan (‘BlizzarD’)
•    Raunak Sen (‘Crowley’)
•    Dhvanit Negi (Negi)
•    Moin Ejaz (No Chanc3)
•    Omkar Urunkar (Pasoll)

You will be able to catch them in action at the following upcoming tournaments:

•     ESL India Winter Phase
•     Acer Predator League
•     WESG

Says Pasoll, “I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Team Signify before, and it’s beyond doubt that they are a great team to play. It’s an excellent opportunity for me and I hope to make the best of it!

Dhvanit Negi added, “I am thrilled to join team Signify along with Pasoll, with whom I’ve played with great success in the past. Together as team Signify, we aim to reach greater heights in the SEA Dota 2 circuit.”

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