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Review: More Humor, Less Hammer in Exuberant Thor: Ragnarok | AIB

For some years, superhero movies have overrun large screens to entertain the public with its defined formula: special effects everywhere to materialize epic battles, characters adapted from the comics that many fans know, and a linear history of good against evil. However, everything seems to indicate that Marvel is looking for fresh ideas for their flicks and thus give a twist to the way of telling the exploits of those involved.

Going into the plot of the film and without giving spoilers that appear from the beginning. Thor is taken as a prisoner on the other side of the universe, without his mighty hammer, so he will have to run against time to return to Asgard and stop Ragnarok at the hands of a new and powerful threat, the implacable Hela. But first, he must survive a brutal gladiator’s test, which will have to confront his former ally and avenging friend, the Hulk. Also, he will have to rediscover his power after the destruction of his hammer at the hands of the  Hela, the Goddess of Death.

Although the plot is entertaining, the way they escape from Sakaar and how they manage to overcome Hela does feel a bit gratuitous; they needed to justify the solution more in my opinion.Also, there is extra guilt of endowing the entire production with another personality: humor. From the beginning there are jokes in many situations, it reaches a point where it seems more like a comedy than a science fiction film. Everything is a joke for the protagonists: from soft offenses, atypical names of things and deeds without meaning.

This type of narrative causes the characters get distorted. Thor being fearful and innocent, Hulk, with his huge corpulence behaving like a child, Loki without his greed or ambition and showing more empathy. It did not sound like those individuals known years ago. The main story takes two steps back to advance one. New information is known about Odin’s past and even Asgard’s, as well as the Valkyrian warriors, later to show the outcome of the present and the repercussions of that in his future. That is something ordinary in these productions.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston already know their roles correctly, they have a special screen chemistry in which they are brothers, Mark Ruffalo is also excellent as Hulk. As for the new cast, there is the beautiful Tessa Thompson, who plays a fierce warrior with a dark past. Cate Blanchet is Hela, a great villain who apart from being very powerful is also very intelligent. While Jeff Goldblum plays an excellent role as the Grandmaster, who governs the planet Sakaar and manipulates all its inhabitants at will. The character had a lot of improvisation when filming, and that shows in his extrovert personality. 

The special effects, on the one hand, combats, enemies, and special powers look spectacular. Of the salvageable things is the confrontation of Thor and Hulk, the same seen in the advance. Surrounded by an immense sand and with the colossal power of both, nothing is saved to prove their worth. With computer effects, in addition to shots that allow you to appreciate the details, it becomes one of the few scenes brimming with visual quality. I recommend you watch it in a 3D cinema since there are scenes that look spectacular as well.


Thor: Ragnarok, is a very entertaining film, which bet more on comedy and a fascinating final battle. It feels very different from the previous ones, and it is very likely to be remembered as Thor’s best film. Proof of this is the large numbers that it had at the box office in its half-week functions. I wish the previous films would have had that tonality but had found the formula that worked until the third installment.

Yes, it feels like the previous chapter to what will be Infinity War, although the Black Panther movie is still missing. Marvel fans should be happy for the success that the third phase of its Cinematic Universe is having and here we are facing one of the best globally rated films of all.

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Ragnarok lives up to its potential as a fantasy adventure-comedy.

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