Saturday, August 24, 2019

Justice League Poster Shows DC Heroes Killing Marvel Favorites | AIB

Justice League is taking quite negative reviews, even in its marketing strategy for Europe and the United States. Well, if you were not convinced by the way they promoted the long-awaited movie, here you will be amazed by what happened in China.

China is famously known replicating things has shown the world how to reproduce the original merchandise of other countries. And this time they reproduced controversial ‘Justice League’ poster. When you see this poster, you think that some fan pro-DC and Marvel hater has done this montage to upload it to social networks and satisfy his appetite for popularity. And so it was, but the point is when you learn that many cinemas in China (including the most famous chain) have ended up using this controversial poster for the official promotion of ‘Justice League.’

The first thing you think about seeing such an image is that it is something false, and that under no circumstances could this reach the halls. According to Comicbook, the poster in question was made by a Chinese fan with some additional knowledge of Photoshop. In it we can see Batman holding the decapitated head of Thor, a dismembered Iron Man, Wolverine and Deadpool strung together. Flash also appears stepping on Captain America’s head, as if that were not enough.

For some reason, this fanmade poster has managed to reach the cinemas, where they have used it to promote the film. Logically, this aggressive marketing strategy has created a lot of controversies since it used characters from other franchises, but of course, it is not an official Warner Bros. poster, but that does not matter to the Chinese. Warner Bros, DC Films, and Chinese officials have not said anything about this.

We’ll see what happens with all this commotion. So far this poster has been removed from some Chinese websites thanks to the disapproval of the people, but still well displayed in many of the cinemas and physical advertising (as in elevators, fences, etc.). Once again, our friends from China make it clear that despite being the same as us, they are also different.

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