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How to Deal with Conceited and Arrogant People | AIB

It is considered that a person who is arrogant believes that he is superior to others and tries to put his ideas above the rest and acts with a certain pride. Being convinced that others must submit to his will because he is above them and has the right to command over the lives of others and to control everything.

If you want to get along with an arrogant person then just make him feel that he is great and he will like you. After all, the arrogant person wants nothing more than to be noted. 

Why do arrogant people act like that?

People who act with arrogance have many fears and a high level of insecurity in themselves, they feel the need to control everything around them. Deep down they feel so inferior to others so that they need prove their superiority to the world, even though they are not. Although it may not seem like it, their self-esteem is so low that if they do not step on others, they feel weak.

How to treat arrogant people so that they do not affect me?

Arrogant people think they know everything and can become truly annoying. If we have to deal with such a person and we do not want their arrogance to affect us, we must learn to control insecurity ourselves. Do not let yourself sink by the words of the other person; you can ignore their sarcastic comments.

When a high-powered person makes you feel inferior, keep in mind that he is acting like this because his self-esteem is on the floor and he needs to believe himself to be the same. It is superior to the others. Talk to him calmly and do not get upset, try to make him see that your idea is equally valid without creating a conflict. At no time be afraid to face a high-handed person.

How can I avoid acting with arrogance?

A prepotent attitude tends to keep people away from our side and make coexistence very difficult. To avoid being a pushy person, we must learn to control our insecurity and increase our self-esteem. People with high self-esteem do not feel the need to continually demonstrate to people that they are good at something, or to be praised for it. Remember at all times that nobody is better than anyone, that we should be humble and value people.

Maintain an adequate body language and avoid being aggressive with the rest. Body language is imperative when addressing someone since unconsciously all people are evaluating the position that the other holds while speaking, their expressions, if it shows interest or not if it is expressed aggressively, etc.

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Listen to the opinions of others and not despise them or take away their value: All opinions are valid, as each one has a different perspective on things. Be willing to shuffle other options that are not your own and learn from those of others.

In the case of having made a mistake or being wrong, being able to admit your mistake and learn from it. When it comes to having a conversation, avoid showing impatience, respect the turns of dialogue and never impose our ideas on the rest.

How should we treat people?

When dealing with others, we have to take into account that nobody is higher than anyone, and no one is better than another; we must treat people equally. Although we do not share their needs and ideas, they are equally valid than ours.

Speak to others with respect, offer help to people when they need it, listen to their opinions without detracting from our own and if you made a mistake, recognize that mistakes, they are the best option to treat people. It is also important to consider that both ideas may be correct, and in that case, recognize the person’s merit, just as you would like them to recognize you.

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