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Assassin’s Creed Origins Review: A Charming Egypt Odyssey | AIB

Assassin’s Creed Origins, the new installment of the popular Ubisoft saga. The game will tell the origins of the saga with a new protagonist and a new adventure, being a new beginning for the saga, which this time takes us to ancient Egypt, the most mysterious place in history. In which the players will adopt the role of Bayek, a protector of Egypt whose personal history will lead to the creation of the brotherhood of the Assassins. 

The players will immerse themselves in an entirely dynamic open world, in which they will discover the secrets that hide the Great Pyramids, the forgotten myths, the last pharaohs and what is more important, the history of the origin of the Brotherhood. There are many videos of the gameplay which you can get an idea of what this new adventure.

Players can observe abundant playable changes, with a playable experience more focused on nature and with a religious and historical portrait of ancient Egypt set, accurately, in 50 BC, under the reign of the emblematic Cleopatra, where the origins of the Brotherhood will begin. The adventure guarantees desert, fluvial environments with the Nile River as a prominent place, as well as cities with abundant temples, pyramids and monuments such as Memphis or Alexandria. 

Players have the option to dive to find some secrets in their way, they will see themselves under the waters. The combat options, likewise, grow in the same way since in addition to the usual melee alternatives, the hero Bayek has a shield and a bow to defend himself, and a mechanic to fight rejuvenated entirely. To complete the Assassins Creed Origins proposal, horses and camels are also available as means of transport, as well as boats, as well as a nature rich in other animals such as dangerous lions, hippos, elephants or crocodiles.

The main story is difficult to digest in a very literal sense. Touch all possible clubs and do not just round up something estimable in any of them. To start the campaign there is an eminently familiar part with a dramatic point and a lot of potentials that seems to start strongly, but it quickly dilutes. It is soon replaced by the passionate love story between the protagonist and his wife, Aya. What happens next? When it seems that this duo could offer an exciting result, again their presence is diluted and leaves its place to a plot of conspiracies. There comes into play Cleopatra after 6-8 hours of play and tries to take control of Egypt to fight Ptolemy XIII, and also have other important pieces of the board such as Julius Caesar or Pompey.

However, there is something quite positive about the plot, and it is a great enhancer to maintain interest when the main thread cannot accomplish it. I speak of secondary missions, a great series of alternative and optional commissions that tell small mini-stories outside the plot and that, in most cases, are good. 

How much missions in Assassin’s Creed Origins total? It is difficult to quantify them because you have to look for life to find them, and I always have the feeling that I still have many to discover in any lost street in the cities, in any village that I overlooked or in some other desert oasis. The campaign can be overcome in 35-40 hours if we go straight to the point, but its total journey is even more incalculable than what are already the already vast open worlds of Ubisoft. With many activities and entertainments that sprout like mushrooms once the story finished. 

What we are going to do most in AC Origins is surely to fight, either in stealth mode or bare-chested, so the fighting actions claim their place in command. Ubisoft has built an agile system that allows you to roll or counterattack for defense with great agility, and be truly devastating in attack maneuvers that now comprise up to four buttons with various combinations, and mix with each other or even leave them tight. Apart from the fact that in closed spaces there is some discomfort derived from the camera and that the fix is useful only for the strongest and longest opponents, it seems to me that there is little to reproach.

It is a positive fighting system because it allows many alternatives, including close range and distance thanks to the excellent use of the bow. At the same time, it is addictive and offers a fascinating challenge with enemies that continue to surround us but attack at the same time. They create tactics, they look for advantages and also they are adapted to each situation, counting many of them with weapons and shields or with bows, and employing one or the other as the moment requires in a very dynamic way of putting us in trouble.

AC Origins has adapted level-based scheme with a satisfying experience, open-world RPGs is divided into those that use the auto-level, which allows us to explore the world freely knowing that adversaries will adapt to our level. In the end, everything we do in Origins revolves around getting experience points, it improves our values of health and attack every time we raise the level, but we also get a skill point with each “ascent.” It is different for the franchise, and it is groundbreaking for the brand.

The Assassin’s Creed saga has always been a benchmark in visual terms, and this has been demonstrated by the fact that year after year its deliveries. Origins was looking a step further, being as it is already the third episode for the consoles of the current generation and taking advantage of the extra power of machines such as PS4 Pro and, especially, an Xbox One X in which we had particular desire to see it in motion. All the virtues that the series traditionally shows in the artistic scene once again shine with a backdrop as spectacular as that of Egypt. The title makes good use of the constructions and imagery of that town and also, why not say it, a mystique that had enormous importance for that civilization and that here has a few drops of fascinating prominence that give us some of the best and most overwhelming moments of the video game.


Assassin’s Creed Origins is exactly what Ubisoft is promised. Waiting a year for the adventure of Bayek has been worth it, and we are talking about an extraordinary launch that returns us to the best form of the franchise. With a more focused history and a less fickle quality level for secondary missions, we would speak of a stratospheric video game, but even so, it will be deservedly and with little discussion one of the best action adventures of this year.

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Historically accurate details, an engrossing narrative, and completely revamped gameplay make Assassin's Creed Origins a must-play game.

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