Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Surprising Benefits of Getting Angry | AIB

Anger is considered by most people as a negative emotion, uncontrolled, and uncivilized. And no wonder, it can do much harm to people to whom it is addressed and the person who is experiencing it.

It is essential to output what happens to us because what words do not express. The body is much wiser than we think but unfortunately has brought us not to pay too much attention. Nevertheless, hide or repress our personal growth slows, leaves a bitter taste in our relations, and it is harmful to health. Many people live in the anger of the other as it evokes narcissistic wounds of the past. 

So, like any other emotion, anger has a function and can be used for useful purposes.

Anger acts as a motivating force!

Anger pushes us toward our goals and helps us to overcome more problems or barriers, determination shown us the way. Therefore, when used correctly, it makes us feel more powerful and motivates us to achieve what we intend or want.

Anger can benefit relations!

Anger is a natural reaction and is a way of communicating a sense of injustice. Society has convinced us that anger is dangerous and it is better to hide. Anger is positive when oriented towards the desire to find a solution and strengthen the relationship, not when it manifests itself only as a way to his anger or in the form of pride.

Anger can be a force for change!

If we learn more consciously detect the first signs of anger in us and what triggers this reaction (although it seems that if we have often not clear), our ability to introspection will be improved. This increased awareness is most effective when we also pay attention to what happens in our body. The result will increase our motivation for change.

Anger reduces violence!

Although anger often precedes physical violence, it can also serve to reduce it. It’s like a mediator, an instrument that allows us to express feelings of injustice or the need to resolve a situation without jumping directly to violence.

Anger is experienced as one of the most difficult to control emotions, so be careful. But perhaps it is precisely this repression we put on it that makes us more likely to react in an uncontrolled manner.

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