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8 Infrastructures that Fell in Love in the World of Cinema | AIB

Cinema is the highest grossing sector of the Entertainment industry, has done a lot for the advancement of tourism around the world, not only in zeroing several unexplored destinations but also polishing other key elements. Although movies don’t influence the travel and tourism sector directly, some scenes do manage to capture the eyes of travelers prompting them to travel later on.

These places are not only famous for its great infrastructure and historical significance but have also been the scene of famous works of the seventh art in love and generated thousands of feelings among millions of viewers. Which of them has seen on the big screen?

1. Empire State – United States

This iconic infrastructure remained in our minds forever after seeing how King Kong climbed easily in his film of 1933. Of course, this building has appeared in more movies like ‘Spiderman’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’ 

2. Roman Colosseum – Italy

Rome and its flagship locations have been used as a location in more than 440 films. Of course, the Colosseum has been no exception, in fact, many will know from these stories. One of the most memorable films where it appears this significant infrastructure is ‘Gladiator.’ 

3. Grand Central Terminal – United States

It is impossible not to mention this iconic train terminal when referring to grandiose infrastructure. Alfred Hitchcock was the better shot, first to ‘Remember’ (1942) and then ‘With the death on the heels’ (1959). Here have passed all the greats, such as Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Revolutionary Road.’ We have seen very pretty in ‘The Fisher King’ or ‘Forget about me!’, And half destroyed in ‘The Avengers’ or ‘I Am Legend.’ And we could go on a movie after movie. 

4. Brooklyn Bridge – United States

Combining the districts of Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City. Its impressive infrastructure has made to appear in several films, one of them is ‘Sex and the City’ in which it becomes the meeting place for a couple in love. 

5. Palace of Westminster – England

It is one of the most major infrastructures in the UK, not only for its architectural beauty but because it houses the two chambers of parliament. He has appeared in lots of films, such as Harry Potter, when the young wizard and his companions fly over the area of the Thames, between Canary Warf and the Palace of Westminster. 

6. Louvre Museum – France

This museum is one of the most significant in the world because of the works it houses, but also recognized for its beautiful and attractive infrastructure. Perhaps this has served as the backdrop to record films such as ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ in which much of the plot unfolds here.

7. The Capitol and the White House – United States

Perhaps they are some of the monuments that have mostly seen on the big screen. Its architecture makes impressive and being the political center of one of the most influential countries in the world, are frequently used. Films like ‘X-Men,’ ‘Independence Day,’ ‘Forrest Gump,’ among others, they have these grand structures. 

8. Brandenburg Gate – Germany

It is located in the center of Berlin. It is an ancient structure that was the gateway to the ‘new Berlin’ of the time and because of its beauty has been ‘protagonist’ of several films, such as ‘Indiana Jones.’ 

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