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Stress Management: 5 Strategies to Reduce Stress | AIB

It may seem that there is no way that we can cope with emotional stress. Anyone who has suffered from chronic stress knows that it can seriously affect their emotional health and their ability to think clearly. 

Stress is a reality for all of us but not for that you have to become overwhelming. However, there are many ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life. In this article, we will give a series of tips that if applied with discipline, we promise you that your stress will get reduced effectively.

Identify sources of stress in your life!

Stress management starts with identifying the sources of stress in your life. It is not as easy as it sounds, the real sources of stress are not always obvious and are very easy to overlook your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Stress symptoms!

  • The person is easily upset, frustrated and is in a bad mood. 
  • The person feels overwhelmed, you are losing control or need to take control. 
  • Has difficulty to relax and calm the mind. 
  • It feels bad about herself (low self-esteem), alone, worthless and depressed. 
  • Avoid social contact.
1. Avoid unnecessary stress!
Not all stress can be prevented, and it is not healthy to avoid a situation that needs to be treated. However, many of the stressors that arise in our lives are unnecessary.
  • Learn to say “no” – Know your limits and do not pass through. Do not fill additional responsibilities that remit and that will generate an extra dose of stress.
  • Avoid people who stress you out – If someone always causes stress in your life and cannot avoid that person, limit the amount of time you spend with that person or end the contact altogether.
  •  Manage your time better – Poor time management can cause a lot of stress. When you are in a hurry, it ‘s hard to stay calm and be focused. But if you plan the day, you can keep your stress levels low.
2. Adapt to Stress!
If you can not change the stressor, you have to change yourself. You can adapt to stressful situations and regain your sense of control by changing your expectations and attitudes.
  • Reframe problems – Try to view stressful situations from a more positive perspective. See this situation as an opportunity to pause in your life and relax, listen to your favorite music or just think about something pleasant.
  • Take the perspective of the stressful situation – Ask yourself how important. Will it matter in a month? One year? Is it worth getting angry again? If the answer is no, focus your time and energy elsewhere.
  • Set your standards – Perfectionism is a major source of avoidable stress. Set reasonable for you and other standards.
  • Focus on the positive – Take a moment to reflect on all the things you appreciate in your life, including your positive qualities. This simple strategy can help keep things in perspective.
3. Accept the things you can not Change!
Some sources of stress are unavoidable – You cannot prevent or change stressors such as the death of a loved one, a serious illness or an economic downturn. In these cases, the best way to deal with stress is to accept things as they are. Acceptance may be difficult, but ultimately, it’s easier than railing against a situation you can not change.
  • Do not try to control the uncontrollable – Many things in life are beyond our control, especially the behavior of others. Focus on the things you can control, like how they will react to problems.
  • Look on the bright side – When you face challenges, try to see them as opportunities for personal growth. If your bad decisions have contributed to a stressful situation, reflect on them and learn from their mistakes.
  • Share your feelings – Talk to a trusted friend or have an appointment with a therapist. Express what is happening can be very cathartic, even if there is nothing you can do to change the stressful situation.
  • Learn to forgive – Accept the fact that we live in an imperfect world and people make mistakes. Let go of anger and resentment, free yourself from negative energy by forgiving and move on.
4. Make time for fun and relaxation!
Beyond having a positive attitude, you can reduce stress in your life by taking care of yourself. If you find time for fun and relaxation, you will be in a privileged position to handle life stressors when they inevitably appear.
  • Take time to relax – Include relaxation into your daily routine. Do not let it invade your other obligations. It is the time to take a break from all responsibilities and recharge.
  • Spend time with positive people – It improves your spirit and gives a strong support system that helps cushion the adverse effects of stress.
  • Do something you enjoy every day – Make time for leisure activities that bring you joy, whether playing or reading.
  • Keep your sense of humor – That includes the ability to laugh at yourself. Laughing helps your body fight stress.
5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle!
You can increase your resistance to stress by strengthening your physical health.
  • Exercise regularly – Physical activity plays a vital role in reducing and preventing the effects of stress. Spend at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. Nothing beats aerobic exercise for releasing pent-up tension.
  • Healthy Diet – Well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress. So aware of what you eat and start your day with a healthy breakfast and keep your energy and your mind clear with balanced, nutritious foods during the day.
  • Reduce caffeine and sugar – By reducing the amount of coffee, soft drinks and chocolate in your diet, you will feel more relaxed and able to sleep better.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes – It may provide an easy way to out of stress, but the relief is only temporary. Do not avoid or mask the issue at hand; confront and face problems with a clear mind.
  • Get enough sleep – A good rest is a fuel to your mind. Feeling tired will increase your stress.

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