Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Krack Attack: Update your devices to Protect your Wi-Fi Privacy | AIB

The KRACK set of techniques has affected routers around the world that use WPA2 security in their networks. This vulnerability in Wifi networks affects all kinds of devices, from computers with Windows to mobile with Android. Companies are already working on security patches, and you should be able to update your device very soon.

This KRACK is patchy, and it is not a surprise since it was something that reported last week those who had discovered this vulnerability. It is the companies behind our routers and terminals that must work on these updates, so we must be aware of downloading them.

For now, it seems that devices with Windows and iOS are the least affected, while iOS 11 or macOS merely too complicated to run an attack – although they are already working on patches that are available on their betas. Beside your smart devices connected to the internet in your home, now the attention is then moved towards Android phones.

KRACK Affects More Mobile With Android 6.0+

Google has ensured that it is aware of the problem that KRACK is and that in the coming weeks will begin to patch any device that is affected. Linux and Android 6.0 are particularly unprotected against KRACK, so they must act quickly to correct the problem.

Usually having your updated terminal is more secure, but it is true that in this particular case we are faced with a double-edged situation. On the one hand, if your Android is new, it is more vulnerable. On the other hand, if it is old, probably device would not receive any update. In result, KRACK affects 41% of Android devices.

Google Pixel will get protected first!

We have already mentioned that Google is working on a security patch to protect you from KRACK, and the first devices to receive it will be their own Pixel mobile. The rest of manufacturers will unquestionably follow the trail once Google offers its solution, which will benefit its new smartphones. It is one of the advantages of the Google, some terminals in which it controls the hardware and software, allowing it to stand out from the rest of its competition from Android and non-Android.

In the coming weeks, be aware of updates to your mobile phone. Such an attack is very likely to affect your smartphone, so remember to be vigilant to protect yourself from KRACK and increase your security.


  1. So I’m reading Android is the hardest hit, are most of us waiting on an update from Google, or from the handset manufacturer? I’m running an Acer phone currently.

    Seems like we don’t have to update our routers, but how about repeaters/range extenders?

  2. Hey Austin! Range extenders are probably even more vulnerable than your router/WiFi access point, since this bug mainly affects clients (like phones and tablets) signing up to a router/WiFi access point, and a range extender basically acts like a client.

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