Thursday, October 17, 2019

How Technology Changed the Way We Travel | AIB

Tech has changed many dimensions of our lives, as far as tourism is concerned, it has also caused notable changes in the way of travel. Everything is within our reach to organize; we can plan the whole tour thoroughly, book accommodation, buy plane tickets, and even purchase tickets to a Broadway show without leaving home.

If you want to know how this sector has evolved and to what extent it has made life easier for you to go on vacation – for the sake of cost, time and worry – we will explain in this article.

1. Be Your Travel Agent!

Until ten years ago, we needed a travel agency to book a trip. We would go there and let us counsel wisely, right? There is no reason to devalue the added value they provided, and many continue to offer: regardless of the destinations that were most at stake or those who were most interested in “selling.” Nowadays we can plan, from beginning to end, any escapade on a break from work or at night, during dinner. There are travel sites where you can find the cheapest flights, or the best hotels to stay in and everything, at a click away.

2. From Route Maps to Apps and GPS’s in the Car!

Well, what would we do without Google Maps? For example, before we travel to a new city, we had to be equipped with large maps whose task of returning to the first spot was practically impossible. But now, we have several apps for smartphones in addition to car navigation systems, both to get to the destination and to move around in the city.

3. Forget the Queues to Buy Tickets!

The Internet has it all. If we wanted to see a football game or were interested in attending a concert at the Opera, we would have to wait hours to get the tickets. Since everything on the network, specific pages have appeared in booking or buying tickets online, and everything has become simpler and faster.

4. Apps work as Best Tour Guides! 

It is evident that there is nothing like having a guide that shows us the most exciting places in a particular area. Still, if we are traveling with a budget, we can always resort to these apps for affordable accommodation and best restaurant around the city. Apps highlight the best of each country to come to new lands.

5. Always Keep Updated!

Connectivity allows us to keep abreast of current events, we can communicate without complications to the family and what was happening in our hometown or our country. Also, while on tour we can capture all the great movements, we enjoyed with the help of our smart phones.

These are just a few of the many changes emerging from the democratization of the Internet to the world of tourism. Nowadays we can know, minimally, about the hotel where we are staying, what are the best restaurants in the area and where we will spend the night according to the date we are going to travel. How it all evolved!

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