Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Being Genuine Will Allow You To Go Further | AIB

You may think that being genuine is a complicated thing because all of us have grown up under the gaze of judgments and comparisons. However, you just have to take a look at all those people you admire for their authenticity. What are they doing? What are the steps you are taking?

Sometimes our desire to be perfect and to always compare ourselves to other people means that we do not know who we are. In situations as usual as these, we show the worst of our versions. We stop being ourselves to become what others want us to be. In the long run, this way of acting becomes a real torture.

Let’s begin right now at this moment, and we know where to begin!
Know Yourself!

We have long wanted to be perfect, just as our parents wanted us to be, trying to please others. However, this does not make us happy. We feel frustrated and dispirited. Our life, at times, does not seem to make sense. But there we go as if we had put the autopilot. We can stop looking so much outward and start focusing on us.

Watching us may scare us, it is entirely possible that we do not get to recognize ourselves at all and that disturbs us. However, let’s not run away. We are starting a path that will allow us to rediscover ourselves.

We are Real and also Imperfect!

When we begin to delve into ourselves, it is possible for us to find aspects of ourselves that we reject, because so do others. We may realize that we are selfish, that we have a tendency to lie or that whenever we say something to adorn it almost without being aware of it.

It is natural that we feel some rejection at first, just as it is natural that all this happens to us. We are imperfect human beings. We make mistakes, we lie, and we are selfish. Sometimes we do not listen and speak carelessly to whom we want.

Abusing us for this will not solve anything, but will only increase our anxiety to try to be more perfect. However, the solution lies in accepting that this is part of us so that we can change it little by little.

We Should Remain As We Are!

We can consider a daring to the fact of showing us as we are. With our defects and our virtues, our more and our less. People often prefer to pretend what they are not. Give that perfect image that is just an unreal mask. However, showing ourselves as we are is a liberation. The drop in that weight we’ve been carrying and that was unnecessary.

Being authentic will not only allow you to feel freer, but it will also help you achieve one of the goals we all have to be happy. Being authentic yourself and no matter what mistakes you make, because you will always learn from them. You will live according to your values ​​and will not let you manipulate.

You will not have to struggle to become someone you are not. Well, you will feel proud of your way of being, something that others will notice and that will allow you to meet extraordinary people.

We all have something that makes us unique and so does you. You just have to find it, empower it and stop trying to become who you are not. Although we pretend to be like others, the truth is that, no matter how hard we try, our essence will always pull us towards another way.


  1. Eloquent and beautiful! Everyone should read this article! First, accepting who we are and not trying to be someone else followed by loving and listening to others. Without accepting ourselves and being honest with who we are, it is impossible to accept and love others!

    Second of all, I wish I had read and applied this article to myself years ago. To accept my own strengths and weaknesses can heal a people pleaser like me.

    Thank you Harish Reddy for an wise article to learn from.

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