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5 Keys to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence | AIB

Emotional intelligence is one of the keys to being happier. This type of ability can be innate, i.e., some people are born with more emotional intelligence than another. People with a lot of emotional intelligence do not waste time listening to complaints and tend to avoid negative people. It is considered as a crucial factor for success and happiness, not only at work but in our relations and other areas of our lives.

Emotional Intelligence can define as the ability to understand and effectively manage their feelings and those of others. It is essential in the formation, development, maintenance, and improvement of close personal relationships. Unlike IQ, which does not change significantly over a lifetime, our emotional intelligence can evolve and increase the desire to learn and grow.

These are the five fundamental ways that can improve emotional intelligence:


1. The ability to cope with negative emotions themselves!

Emotional intelligence is more important than our ability to effectively manage our own negative emotions, what overwhelms us and affects our judgment. To change the way we feel about a situation, we must first change our way of thinking about it.

2. The ability to remain calm in stressful situations!

Most of us experience some level of stress in life. When we are under pressure, the most important thing to consider is to stay calm. If you feel angry and upset with someone, before you say something you might regret later, take a deep breath and count slowly to 10. In most cases, when reaching 10, will have found a better way communicate the problem. Emptying your mind will make you come back with a new perspective.

3. The ability to read social cues!

People with a high level of emotional intelligence are more accurate in their ability to perceive and interpret other emotional, physical and verbal expressions and they also know how to communicate to clarify their intentions efficiently. Given a complicated fact, avoid customizing the behavior of others, we can perceive them more objectively and reduce the possibility of misunderstandings.

4. The ability to be assertive when necessary!

There are moments in all our lives where it is essential to establish our limits suitably so that people know where we are. These may include the exercise of our right to disagree, say “no” without feeling guilty, set our priorities and protect us from any intimidation and assault.

5. The ability to express intimate emotions in relationships!

The ability to express intimate emotions effectively is essential for maintaining close personal relationships. In this case, “effectively” means sharing innermost feelings with someone in a proper relationship, in a way that is constructive and able to respond affirmatively when the other person does the same.

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