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5 Apps to Watch Movies on your Favorite Device | AIB

There are lots of apps and websites that you can use to watch free movies and tv shows online. Apart from websites, there are mobile apps too which help you to watch movies for free, along with hat they offer you many other benefits such as HD quality, subtitles, latest updates and more. All these apps can help you watch movies for free.

Here is a list of the apps that you can use to watch the movies for free:

1. YouTube (Free+Paid): Youtube is one of the best when it comes to watching movies. It allows you to watch movies for both free and paid. Features that youtube provide are Captions/subtitles, high-resolution video quality, theatre mode and full-screen mode. Apart from movies and tv channels, you can also watch thousands of videos on it. To start watching awesome movies and videos, head to

2. ShowBox (Free): Well, if you are a techie, you must have heard its name already. Showbox is a kind of app that was built a long ago, so the movies available on Showbox are in great amount. It provides the feature to add subtitles, HD movie, non-stop movie streaming. So you can go ahead and download this fantastic app from its official site.

3. Netflix (Paid): When it comes to watching the best movies with the best quality, Netflix comes first. As we have mentioned already, Netflix is a paid platform, and their packages start from 500Rs monthly. Apart from movies available for public, Netflix also makes its own series such as Narcos, Mindhunter and more which are available only on Netflix. For more info, you can visit their official site

4. Hulu (Free): Hulu is just another app which will help you to watch tv shows for free. Most of the admired shows are available on it the day after they are released. Also, you can watch multiple episodes from the same season. Noticeable features of Hulu apps include adding favorite videos to queue for watching instantly, connecting it with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Xbox one and using it as a remote control for comfortable viewing experience. This app is free to download from play store app. 

5. Cinemabox: Cinema box HD is a new player in the market of entertainment. Cinemabox is the best app among the list to provide you free movies, subtitles, daily movie updates, small app size, high picture quality and many more features. With the help of cinema box, you can watch movies on your PC, TV, Laptops, Android mobile phones, Apple devices, and many more devices too. You can download cinema box HD by clicking the link given here. 

Conclusion: We have covered most of the free and premium apps which will help you to watch movies on your mobile phones. Some of the best free apps are youtube and cinema box from which cinema box HD is comparatively better than youtube. The reason is that cinemabox HD provides multiple features such as daily new movies and custom subtitles, but youtube doesn’t.

By: Saurabh Sahni

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