Thursday, October 17, 2019

Strategies to Anticipate a Cyber ​​Attack in Your Company | AIB

An erroneous perception of the business environment is to believe that the defense against a Cyber Attack has a response only from the technological front and this happens to acquire or contract a service to protect the information. This action may help, but it does not solve the origin of the problem. Under this scenario, what is the best recommendation? According to experts, the strategy to be followed is that company officials begin by raising awareness and educating users and their partners in safer practices.

It is necessary to understand that all members of a company should be aware of the importance of not falling into cyber traps. Also, have a proper behavior regarding the use of the tools provided by the firm. Therefore, a healthy first advice is that the user should be aware of the action that will take and evaluate if it is a safe behavior to be able to control a situation of cybernetic risk. For example, emails that receive invitations to update personal data, and which ultimately end up being a hoax, are an apparent event of theft of information that not only involves the individual but can end up generating a significant loss of information for the company.

The next step is for companies to identify what information is most critical to them, creating a protection strategy from there, knowing that we all have limited resources and that it is necessary to give a correct approach through a series of guidelines.

In addition to specifying the information to be safeguarded, it is necessary for the organization to work closely with specialized partners; it should be noted that a virtual threat scenario can be so complex that a single organization, regardless of size, will not be able to resolve the situation with the resources available. If an attempt is made against the security of the organization, it is important that the official evaluates the organizations in which he is going to support, to ensure that before an incident can have sufficient support to give an adequate response promptly.

Under this scenario, relying on the capabilities of global providers allows us to act quickly against threats that were previously recorded in other regions. That was tangible in the face of the threat presented by Wanna Cry, which started strongly in Europe, but which allowed when operations began in other regions. Not only with ongoing corrective measures but also with guidelines for the safe behavior of the company’s workers, and what steps to take in the face of such threats.

Finally, it is critical that the strategy be clear to prevent such security problems. At present, we are witnessing a world where technology is frequently used for the development of business enterprises in all industries. Hiring services without having clear what is to be protected and where the information is no longer an alternative. Instead of emphasizing this type of initiative, the focus should be on defining an integral strategy for the protection of the organization, and that this serves as a guide to generate awareness in the collaborators, in addition to evaluating and selecting the security measures that best apply to the needs of each company.

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